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Roadrunner United – 2005 – The All Star Sessions

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Roadrunner United
Title: The All Star Sessions
Label: Roadrunner
Released: Oct 11, 2005
Packaging: Jewel Case
Pack-in DVD DVD Included
Release Type: Standard


#The Dagger
#The Enemy
#Annihilation By The Hands Of God
#In The Fire
#The End
#Tired ‘N Lonely
#Independent (Voice Of The Voiceless)
#Dawn Of A Golden Age
#The Rich Man
#No Way Out
#Baptized In The Redemption
#Blood & Flames
#Constitution Down
#I Don’t Wanna Be (A Superhero)
#Army Of The Sun
#No Mas Control
#Enemy Of The State


Roadrunner Records has put together a groundbreaking record to mark the label’s 25th anniversary. This full-length release is a master class in hard rock/metal. Boasting 57 artists from 45 of Roadrunner’s past and present bands, the album contains original tracks that are collaborations between numerous Roadrunner stars. Four central musicians were originally chosen to produce and write the songs: Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory/Brujeria), Robert Flynn (Machine Head), and Matthew Heafy (Trivium). These four musicians play on the songs they have written and have also assembled a unique team of artists to appear on each track. In order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible, no musician has played for more than one writer/producer and each song features a different vocalist. In addition to these stellar teams of musicians, there are also special additional tracks from ex-Roadrunner artist Josh Silver–Type O Negative’s longtime producer/keyboardist. In the spirit of the project, Silver has included Roadrunner artists on his tracks as well–Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt appears on the Silver-written “Roads.”

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