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03/11/2022 Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Light The Torch (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | March 12, 2022 8:42 am


We got there right at 6:30 and didn’t wait long in line to get in. In the line we ended up right behind a couple that had two kids with them, both younger than Nate! So as we filed in we discovered the balcony was not open due to (presumably) lower ticket sales – I had specifically bought balcony tickets so we’d be able to sit down. This of course meant a lot of standing around for Nate, but he was a trooper for sure. Right at 7:30 Light The Torch started, and for being the second-to-last night of the tour, Howard, Fran, Ryan and crew had a lot of energy and sounded fantastic. They played a good mix off the latest two albums; I have to assume that unless they’re headlining we’re not going to ever get Devil You Know songs in the set. There was a good number of people that showed up early to see them as well, and I saw quite a bit of Light The Torch merch in the crowd as well (I was “that guy” also!) After the unexpected standing, Nate wanted to sit down, so we found the Tiffany-on-crutches memorial table for the end of LTT’s set and grabbed a snack.

Light The Torch setlist:
More Than Dreaming
Calm Before the Storm
Let Me Fall Apart
The Bitter End
Death of Me
Living With a Ghost
Become the Martyr
The Safety of Disbelief
Wilting in the Light
Die Alone

We retreated to the back for August Burns Red. Having never really checked them out I didn’t know any of the songs, but they were certainly a worthy and compatible opener for KsE and had a pretty big response – as well they should for being around for nearly 20 years. I did recognize the cover of the Legend of Zelda theme that they did though!

[This video is from the night before in Detroit, but you get the picture!]

We finally got to Killswitch time! Nate and I camped out in front of the soundboard, as there was plenty of space and Nate could see. The couple with the two kids had the same idea as they were right next to us – Romper Room section represent! They rolled tape on Jump Around, the boys came out and launched into Unleashed, so Nate got one of his favorites right off the bat! We got a great mix across all of the albums, including a lot I liked seeing (Serenade, In Due Time, This Fire, Irreversal, My Curse) with just enough focus on the “new” Atonement (the one Nate knows the best) so I was happy with the setlist and Nate stayed engaged (lol) as well.

Then came what was easily the highlight of the night – the last three songs with Howard! They gave him Rose of Sharyn by himself, then Jesse came back for a duet on The End of Heartache (along with the entire crowd!), and closed the night out on an absolute high note as both guys killed it on The Signal Fire. It was an absolute treat to see both singers up there and having a great time, and I’m selfishly glad I got to see it in person! That’s Nate’s favorite song too, so his lasting memory will be a great one!

As with both prior bands, the KsE guys were energetic, looked to be having a good time and sounded fantastic as they wrap up this tour. KsE never disappoints live, this was no different, and Nate got a great experience for his first show! For both us and the other couple with the kids, we had people coming up to us all night saying “right on, start them young, get them into the good music early!” and similar stuff – just one more thing contributing to the positive vibes!

Naturally, we couldn’t leave without Dad showing him one last veteran concert trick: snagging the setlist from the soundboard!

KsE setlist:
Hate by Design
Know Your Enemy
My Last Serenade
I Am Broken Too
In Due Time
Daylight Dies
This Fire
As Sure As The Sun Will Rise
The Crownless King
My Curse
Strength of the Mind
Rose of Sharyn (w/ Howard Jones)
The End of Heartache (w/ Howard Jones)
The Signal Fire (w/ Howard Jones)

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