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05/14/2015 Hatebreed, Hate Machine, Order Of The Dead, REPS (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | May 15, 2015 9:29 am

This show was on my radar as soon as it was announced! Hatebreed in my favorite Rochester small (300 cap!) venue? HELL YES. Just like the 2013 Water Street show, I sprung for VIP, which got me early entrance, a meet and greet, and a pretty loaded swag bag with posters, a flag, etc. A good time and definitely worth the extra expense, especially considering that dough goes right to the band. All the guys were gracious and it didn’t seem like a chore for them to be there whatsoever.

2015-05-14 19.07.10 hatebreed

Since this was an off-date for Hatebreed from the Slipknot arena tour, it was all local openers. REPS is a hardcore band, just starting to get their name out. Their set was pretty entertaining, the kids were really rockin out, and the crowd seemed to be interested. Order of the Dead is a straight up death metal band, and while I didn’t really remember much from the first time I saw them with Shadows Fall back in 2012, I paid a bit more attention this time, and like what I saw. Heavy tunes, good instrumentation, a solid opener for sure. Direct support was handled by none other than Hate Machine, Rochester’s own metal kings. They had a much younger fill-in guitarist, but that didn’t damped the enthusiasm any. They mainly played newer stuff off of “The Movement” but did sneak in Retard and Tiny. A perfect warm up for what was to come.

Hate Machine setlist:
Chainsaw Philosophy
Anger Is King
Hello Sunshine
Bring In The Butcher

Hatebreed came out and rocked the joint from beginning to end. They’d been billing the off-dates as Hatebreed 20th Anniversary shows, which was great, because they played everything off of Under the Knife, and a huge chunk of Satisfaction… as well. Naturally, they played all the other newer favorites too, packing the 22-song set full of bangers. It’s hard to pick any highlights because the whole set was a highlight. If the show didn’t completely sell out, then they were right up against it for sure as the crowd packed the floor, and it was certainly die-hards on the floor and up front, whether in the pit or not. It sure seemed like every person knew every word to every song, and the band appreciated it as they rocked that stage just as hard for the 300 of us as they would for the 10,000 in the arenas. They looked to be having a great time up on the stage, it sounded great, and I think everyone went home happy!

Hatebreed Setlist:
To The Threshold
Before Dishonor
Hollow Ground
Everyone Bleeds Now
Hands of a Dying Man
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Tear It Down
Not One Truth
Honor Never Dies
Smash Your Enemies
As Diehard As They Come
Kill An Addict
This is Now
A Call For Blood
Burn The Lies
I Will Be Heard
Destroy Everything

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