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05/13/2015 Godsmack, Papa Roach (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | May 14, 2015 4:47 pm

[Hellyeah was the opener, but I didn’t get there in time.]

I was pretty excited to see Papa Roach again, considering I’ve really enjoyed their last two albums. It had been since the curfew-shortened Rock The Cans in 2011 that I’d seen them, so seeing them get their fully-allotted time was also nice. I found myself a nice spot about 15-20 people deep off the left side, and was able to have a bit of room. The crowd was very enthusiastic, singing along with the new stuff just as well as the hits. The band didn’t disappoint, as they sounded fantastic; so did Jacoby, who even went for a bout of crowdsurfing towards the end of the set. The setlist was a nice mix from across the catalog, hitting at least one song off of every album save for lovehatetragedy (and Time for Annihilation if you want to get technical). It was a very enjoyable 45-minute set from these guys.

Papa Roach setlist:
Face Everything and Rise
Getting Away with Murder
Between Angels and Insects
Where Did the Angels Go?
Broken Home
Last Resort
…To Be Loved

I retreated to the back during set change, grabbed a beverage and found my friend Dave, and we took advantage of the good sightlines and lack of other people around us during Godsmack’s set. I hadn’t seen them since Crue Fest in 2009, but pretty much knew what to expect. The couple of new songs (1000hp, What’s Next, Generation Day, Something Different) sounded decent, and the rest was a usual Godsmack set, including the Sully/Shannon dueling drums. Which is to say, very solid, it sounded great, it was a Godsmack show. One thing I’d never noticed previously, but was readily apparent at this show, was how disinterested guitarist Tony Rombola looked up on stage. Now I don’t need my guitarists to be jumping around like caffinated monkeys, but it was striking to see him just wandering around the stage, nodding his head here and there, but otherwise remaining rather stoic. Dave had said he’d noticed this before, so it doesn’t seem like a one-off type of thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but stood in contrast to Sully, Robbie, and Shannon’s energetic performances.

Godsmack Setlist:
Cryin like a bitch
What’s Next
Straight Out of Line
Generation Day
Something Different
Keep Away
Batalla de los Tambores

Moon Baby
I Stand Alone

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