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02/15/2003 Seether, Ra, Noise Therapy (Rochester, NY @ The Penny Arcade)

By Eric | February 15, 2003 11:59 pm

What a great place to see bands… its one of the smallest places, and since its so out of the way, everyone thats there generally wants to be there… save for the fence/barrier that’s kinda ghetto, but whatever. We rolled in about 8:30, and after a little confusion on the part of the guys taking the money, we got in, got ticket stubs (don’t know how, not complaining!), and wandered into the place. Noise Therapy was just starting, and save for one or two songs, it was the same downtuned 7-string sludge stuff that Korn made famous and everyone tries to copy. Nothing too original, but they weren’t horrible; their singer actually could sing. They were off in a half hour, and even though the tickets said Socialburn was supposed to be playing, they cancelled for some unknown reason. so up next was Ra. I’d heard a little bit, grabbed the mp3 for the single, but only listened to it like once. But then we saw them live. Oh my!! These guys are the most impressive band I hadn’t known about beforehand in a long time!! They rock hard, but the songs have melody and structure, and the singer can actually sing… they have a slight middle eastern tinge, not as pronounced as the Tea Party, but its there. And its good! For the last song they did, Skorn, they brought out Shaun from Seether, and broke into part of a cover of Korn’s Blind, which was really cool. There were quite a few people there that knew the stuff too… After their set, everyone ran to the merch booth where they were signing stuff, so me and Tiff moved up to the front, to be there for Seether… and Ra’s setlist was just sitting there, in full reach, but no takers!! Except me, of course! I headed to the back, and got all 4 of the guys to sign it… fun wow!

So I got back to Tiff at the front, and Seether came out and rocked the place… they played everything off the album save for Sympathetic, Fine Again was dedicated to Dave Williams, and Your Bore was for “everyone that didn’t get a valentine on Friday” hehe. They a new song called Burrito (don’t let the name fool you, it rocked!), and the song from the Daredevil soundtrack, Hang On. They came back for a one song encore, the bass player came out with an acoustic guitar, and Ra’s lead singer came out with Shaun to do Broken acoustically… When it was over, I managed to snag a Seether setlist, got it signed by all the guys, and then the drummer was handing out drumsticks, so I got one of those too!! The show was a great time, and since the tickets were only $12, well worth it!!

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