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03/18/2019 Clutch, Big Business, Nine Layers Deep (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | March 19, 2019 7:22 am

Always excited for a Clutch show! The first band on was Nine Layers Deep, a local doom/sludge band that didn’t sound half bad, although I wasn’t a fan of the vocals too much. They seemed a little nervous, not sure if they weren’t used to playing in front of that many people (there was a decent crowd there already), or what have you. They were alright.

The Inspector Cluzo was also on this tour, but didn’t play the Buffalo date for some reason. So it was right to Big Business, who were a duo – just drums and a bass player. The drummer was an animal, very very impressive, and the bass player / singer was really good in his own right. Very heavy, obviously a lot of low end. Good stuff.

Of course, time for the almighty Clutch! It’s not really surprising that even though I was Johnny-come-super-lately on the band, they quickly became a big favorite and a must-see anytime they come around. They’re that good, and the shows are that much fun. This one was no exception. Having had some time to live with the latest “Book Of Bad Decisions”, I was as geared up for this show as any of the previous three, and just like those, the set was heavy on the newer tunes while sprinkling in old favorites and some deep cuts as well. I don’t know how often Mice and Gods gets played, nor Open Up The Border or The Dragonfly, but judging from the crowd reaction, probably not often! Of course, Spacegrass and Electric Worry got huge reactions, and of the new stuff, I was glad to get How To Shake Hands, In Walks Barbarella, and the now-proper version of Gimme The Keys (I did get to see the live debut of that, when it was still called Bubonic Blues and slightly different, at the Dome show in July of 2017!). As is becoming the usual, it was a great time, a great show, the band sounded fantastic, and I got to hang with my old RIT buddy Dave and his cousin, so that made it even better!

Big News I
H.B. Is in Control
Mice and Gods
How to Shake Hands
Emily Dickinson
A Quick Death in Texas
Open Up the Border
A Shogun Named Marcus
Gravel Road
Gimme the Keys
In Walks Barbarella
Hot Bottom Feeder
Electric Worry
Fortunate Son [CCR Cover]

The Regulator
The Dragonfly


Hot Bottom Feeder

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