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03/02/2019 Disturbed, Three Days Grace (Buffalo, NY @ KeyBank Center)

By Eric | March 3, 2019 12:53 pm

The big arena rock show. It’s amazing to think that 18-plus years ago, I first saw Disturbed open for Stone Temple Pilots at Alumni Arena at UB, and through the years they’ve just gotten bigger and bigger, and now they’re headlining arenas. Add to that the fact that it was just them and Three Days Grace, who 15 years prior I saw before their first album was even out (at Showplace opening for Theory of a Deadman). Both of these bands have come a long, long way.

3DG’s intro was great: they rolled a video package that started out with the Sabres logo, Sabre dance, and Sabres highlights, then switched to the Hockey Night in Canada theme with a Leafs logo and Leafs highlights (which got the requisite boos!), then switched back to the Sabres before the band came out. Good stuff! This was actually the first time I’d seen 3DG with their “new” singer, Matt Walst, who has been in the band for six years now. It was fine, he handles the lead singer role perfectly, the band sounded great, but even though I’ve criticized Adam Gontier’s vocals during past shows, I missed having him on the old songs. Of which there were a lot – only 4 of the 12 songs were from the last two albums with Matt. I have no problem with that spread, as I like the old stuff better, but the new stuff was pretty decent as well. They did their job, got everyone going for Disturbed.

Three Days Grace
The Mountain
The Good Life
Right Left Wrong
I Hate Everything About You
Animal I Have Become [with “Seven Nation Army” interlude]
Never Too Late

There’s no doubt that Disturbed have earned arena-headlining status, and they had the production to match. Lots of video and light-show, but the band sounded good, and Draiman sounded good as well. They had a nice mix from every album, granted it was pretty much a greatest hits set, and they did two songs semi-acoustically on a smaller stage over by the soundboard (ala Shinedown). They made the show worthy of the arena, and I was happy I went.

Are You Ready
The Vengeful One
The Animal
Stupify [followed by guitar jam, full band instrumental]
Land of Confusion
Hold On to Memories [followed by bass / drum solos]
Ten Thousand Fists
The Game
A Reason to Fight [on side stage]
Watch You Burn [on side stage]
The Sound of Silence
Inside the Fire

The Light [with fan on stage]
Down With the Sickness

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