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03/23/2004 Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, Finger Eleven, Strata (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | March 23, 2004 11:59 pm

This one turned out to be a freebie for me, as my buddy Mike from work won tickets off the Nerve, and then couldn’t go, so he passed them off to me! This also included a meet-and-greet earlier in the day with Smile Empty Soul. The meet-and-greet happened at 3pm, and we waited out in the “lobby” of Water Street while Trapt finished up their soundcheck. Once they were done, Smile Empty Soul did theirs, and they came down and said hi afterwards. Blah. What do you say to a band you don’t really care for? 🙂 Anyway, back to the show at 7, and for an opening band, Strata wasn’t too bad at all. They have a sound much like that of most of Wind-Up’s bands, which isn’t a bad thing. They had their half-hour, and Finger Eleven was up next. Unfortunately, they only got about a half-hour as well. (If you ask me, why SES was billed over F11 is beyond me, but whatever.) Opened with Other Light, into Complicated Questions, and then Absent Elements. They then pulled out a song from Tip, and something I’d never heard them play live before, “Costume For A Gutterball”. Back to the new album for One Thing, and closed out the set with Good Times. F11 sounded excellent, and for only being an opener, still were as enthusiastic as they have been on this latest tour. Then it was time for Smile Empty Soul, and the 12 year olds started to scream. Blah, they really weren’t any better than when I saw them in Buffalo at Edgefest. Trapt was after them, and while they sounded okay, it was the same set, pretty much, that they did in Utica opening for Nickelback (which is the entire album), and just like in Utica, the set started out energetically, but then got boring during the middle of the set, only to liven up again at the end. For free, it wasn’t bad. Can’t say I would have paid to go, however.

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