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03/24/2001 Our Lady Peace, American Hi-Fi (Rochester, NY at The Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | March 24, 2001 11:59 pm

Another OLP show, another barrier spot… UPSTAIRS in the balcony this time! It was great to see everyone getting crushed downstairs and not actually being in it for once, and the view was incredible. We had a whole RIT crew going, plus Joe came down from RPI, and the other Joe came up from Buffalo. American Hi-Fi was up first, they were tolerable, but I just can’t dig the whole pop-punk thing. (In other words, it wasnt Velour.) Watched the Jackass video again, then OLP came on to an eager crowd, many of whom were at the Tralf the week before. They played almost the exact same set, opening with Middle of Yesterday, Right Behind You, and the best version of Automatic Flowers I’ve EVER heard! It was the same spread as before, with the same two songs from Happiness. The sound was much clearer at this show, we could acutally hear Raine on his CB mike thingy this time for the intro to Naveed. Julia was missing from the main set, (me and Joe were yelling for it!) and then after 4am in the encore, we yelled it again, and there seemed to be a little confusion on stage. Raine was running around talking to everybody, and simply said, “This is a song called Julia.” The smile never left my face for the entire song as me and Joe screamed the words out. We could kind of see the setlist from our vantage point, and Julia was NOT in the encore on the list! They closed with Starseed, and the place was a frenzy once again! Another excellent show from OLP. who seemed more into the fans here (like the Tralf) than they have been. Complete Setlist: Middle of Yesterday, Right Behind You, Automatic Flowers, Superman’s Dead, Naveed, Car Crash, Are You Sad?, If You Believe, In Repair, Is Anybody Home?, One Man Army, The Birdman, Everyones a Junkie, Life, ENCORE: 4 am, Julia, Starseed


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