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03/25/2007 Lamb Of God, Trivium, Machine Head, Gojira (Rochester, NY @ Harro East)

By Eric | March 25, 2007 11:38 pm

So after waiting for about 40 minutes in the will call line, I missed all of Gojira’s set. Ah well. Got in, got a beer, and headed up to the balcony to watch Machine Head. I know they’ve been around forever, but I never really got into them, and thus didn’t know any of the material. They were definitely pretty good though, and there were a bunch of people there to see them, which helped. Setist.fm says their setlist was: Clenching the Fists of Dissent, Imperium, Aesthetics of Hate, Old, Davidian.

After their set, I made my way down to the floor, as Trivium was up next. I was excited to see them, and apparently a lot of the crowd was too, judging from the number of Trivium shirts and hoodies I saw in the crowd. Once they started however, I have to admit to being somewhat underwhelmed. The set was only seven songs long, but they mixed it between the two albums. My memory, combined with what was posted on their message boards leads to a setlist that looks something like this: Entrance of the Conflagration, To The Rats, Detonation, Like Light To Flies, Unrepentant, Anthem, Gunshot, Pull Harder. It wasn’t even the setlist that made the set so blah, it just seemed that the crowd wasn’t particularly jumpy, and I was standing there thinking, I should be more excited, but I’m not. The band sounded good, looked like they were into it, but something was lacking.

Not the case however with LoG! They came out rip-roaring from the start, and never let up the whole show. The crowd didn’t really let up much either. Since this was my first time seeing them, I figured I’d be up front for this one, so I was about three people back from the barrier off to the right hand side, and I had a blast. The band sounded extremely tight, they were completely into the performance, Randy was wandering around the stage all night, and the crowd was giving it right back to him. They played most of the favorites (What I’ve Become woulda been cool, but I’m not complaining!) and played the balls out of them. The setlist was damn close to this: Hourglass, Again We Rise, Walk With Me In Hell, Ruin, Pathetic, Laid to Rest, More Time To Kill, Descending, Blackened the Cursed Sun, As The Palaces Burn, 11th Hour, Bloodletting, Now You’ve Got Something To Die For, Vigil. Encore: Redneck, Black Label. I definitely would go to see LoG again!

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