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04/08/2004 Sevendust, Cold, Apartment 26, Atomship (Rochester, NY @ Harro East)

By Eric | April 8, 2004 11:59 pm

This was way too cold of a day for April, but in any event, after standing outside for about 1/2 or so, everyone piled in and Atomship started promptly at 6:45 or so. They were pretty decent for an opener, and while a bit eclectic (as alterna-metal goes), did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up. The lead singer had an interesting mic stand, as the stand went about halfway up, and the top half was a piece of flexible tubing, almost like wire conduit, so he could whip it around and still have the mic in the stand. Kinda neat! The songs were heavy, but had melody and sounded tight and together. Apartment 26 was up next, and I had bad memories of seeing them in June of 2000 opening for Staind. I figured I’d give them another shot, maybe I was wrong, memory was fuzzy, they’d gotten better, etc. Ah, well, their chance lasted about 30 seconds. They’re still awful. Not so much in the wanna-be electronic vein, but more in the “we’re gonna try and make british pop sound heavy” vein, and the singer just did not have a good voice. Blah. Anyway, after they were done, it was time for COLD. Having just gotten two new guitarists in the recent weeks (Kelly and Terry left, to be replaced by Matt, who was originally in Grundig and Eddie from Darwin’s Waiting Room), and being their first show back with the new lineup, it went off pretty good. Scoot’s voice sounded like it was in fine form, and the new guys fit in nicely. A good mix on the setlist as well, opening with Just Got Wicked, then into Suffocate, Remedy, and then an old one, Serial Killer. Since the band has a song on a new video game called Psi-Ops, they played that, called “With My Mind”. The Day Seattle Died was next, with a nice little tribute to Layne Staley. Then an even better tribute, as they covered AIC’s “Junkhead”, which totally rocked my socks 🙂 Back to COLD, Confession was next, followed by No One, and then for the last song of the night, they started to play Stupid Girl, before switching midstream and closing with Goodbye Cruel World! It’s great to see them playing some more of the self-titled stuff 🙂 Then it became Sevendust time. Another fine show by these boys, they sounded great, lots of energy, and while mainly the same setlist as in Saratoga, it was in a slightly different order. Opened with Black into Denial again, but after that, my recollection of what song was played when is a little fuzzy. For sure, Bitch, Rumblefish, Praise, TOAB, Crucified, Angel’s Son, Broken Down, Skeleton Song, and Suffocate. The main set was closed with Face to Face, and then the encore consisted of Waffle and Enemy. Another show that could better be called “a full contact sport”, and plenty of good tunes to go around.

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