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04/14/2004 Slipknot, Fear Factory, Chimaira, Sworn Enemy (Rochester, NY @ ESL Center)

By Eric | April 14, 2004 11:59 pm

After getting there right at 6 when the doors were supposed to open, I walked practially the entire length of the road leading to the building to get at the end of the line. Took the better part of an hour to get in, thankfully it was a nice day out. Once inside, I milled about the stands for most of Sworn Enemy’s set. They weren’t anything spectacular, typical NYC hardcore. Not terrible, just not great. Made my way onto the floor for Chimaira, and I’m glad I did. They ripped it up, and there were quite a few people there to see them. They opened with a chopped version of Implements of Destruction, right into Power Trip. Next was Cleansation, Impossibility of Reason, and Severed. Overlooked was next, then before they started The Dehumanizing Process, the lead singer, Mark, had everyone on the floor part down the middle, in a Red Sea type deal. Then as the song kicked in, everyone converged into a massive pit. Kinda neat, and I’m sure it looked even better from the seats. The closer was Pure Hatred, which got everyone into a frenzy (how can you not, with a chorus that just screams “I… HATE… EVERYONE…?”) I felt more whipped after their half hour than I did at the end of the whole Sevendust show, and that’s not to take anything away from Sevendust at all… Chimaira was that good.

I got off the floor after that, milled around for a bit, got a drink, then found a place in the stands to check out Fear Factory. They were actually rather boring, I didnt know much about them before hand, and they really didnt make me want to check them out after their set ended. Then it was time for Slipknot. They played some Corey acoustic song as the intro (I’m bad for not knowing!), and then into the intro loop from self-titled. Slammed into (sic), and right into a new song called The Blister Exists, then my order is shaky, but they played Eyeless, another new song called 3-nil, the new single Duality, Disasterpiece, Purity, Iowa, Heretic Anthem, Pulse of the Maggots, and then during Spit It Out, they again made everyone get down on their knees on the floor, in the stands, everywhere, and when the song kicked back in, everyone in the place popped back up. It looks incredible every time they do it. They closed the main set with Wait and Bleed, which whipped everyone up yet again. Back out for the encore, the (313) intro loop from Iowa into People=Shit, and closed out the night with seemingly everyone’s favorite Slipknot track, Surfacing. A rowdy show, to be sure, but damn if it wasn’t one of the more fun shows I’ve been to lately, mindlessness and all. The Slipknot boys still know how to put on a spectacle, and they sounded as good as that kind of music can sound. Well worth coming home sweaty and tired!


The Blister Exists





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