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04/30/2005 Tony C. And The Truth (Rochester, NY @ RIT SAU)

By Eric | April 30, 2005 8:11 pm

I should have known that the apathetic RIT student population was not going to turn out, most likely opting for the Ludacris show later on in the Fieldhouse. I think if there was 40 people in the SAU cafeteria, that was a lot. Tony C and crew were slated to play out on the lawn, but since it rained all day, they moved the free shows inside. So they played to about 30 people and the tech crew, and everyone that was watching just kinda sat there with the “deer in the headlights” type look on their faces. Tiff and I grabbed some chairs and sat dead center, and I rocked out as much as I could without looking like a total moron (or any more than usual!). The band sounded good, and put forth an honest effort, even though they played to essentially nobody. They ran through most of their album (Demonophonic Blues), plus some blues covers. I got some autographs and bought a shirt after the set, and thanked the guys for rocking despite the lack of turnout. They seemed gracious, and alluded to the fact that they’ll probably be back around this area over the summer. I hope they have a crowd next time!

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