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05/06/2016 Like A Storm, Devil You Know, Oni (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | May 7, 2016 7:46 pm

Montage billed this as a double headliner – as in they booked both Like A Storm and Devil You Know both on their own headlining runs the same night. Devil You Know got their support act on the bill too, and Oni was a damn cool opener. How many metal bands have you ever heard of that have a touring xylophone? And it wasn’t just a gimmick, the band was really good.

I really went to see Devil You Know, which is better known as “the band that Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage is in now”. The rest of the band are no slouches either, guitarist Francesco Artusato was in All Shall Perish, and bassist Ryan Wombacher was in Bleeding Through. It was great to see Howard in a live setting again, he was full of energy (and sarcasm) as had been the norm with KsE. They rocked songs off of both albums, and sounded great doing it.

Devil You Know Setlist:
Consume The Damned
My Own
Embracing The Torture
Seven Years Alone
Stay Of Execution
A New Beginning
A Mind Insane
Crawl From The Dark
The Way We Die
Shut It down

So Like A Storm got to close the night, and that was the band that David and Danielle (!) came in to see. I’d describe them as an Octane band, in that “hard rock but not quite metal” lane. I hadn’t even really heard of them (they were the first band on for the Feb 2010 Shinedown show at the Armory, but I missed them).They sounded good; for me not ever hearing anything by them (maybe the Gangsta’s Paradise cover once), it was a good show. One can tell they can rock the big arenas just as well as the small clubs, as the stage banter and effects would definitely translate. It was a fun night, and especially after seeing the band I wanted to see, LaS was a good nightcap.

Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me

Like A Storm – Gangsta’s Paradise

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