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05/07/1998 Our Lady Peace, Black Lab (Buffalo, NY @ Sheas Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | May 7, 1998 11:59 pm

So unlike the Water Street show in February, this time we indeed got Black Lab as openers. Other than the radio singles of Wash It Away and Time Ago, I didn’t really know much of Black Lab’s material at the time, and I wish I would have, because Your Body Above Me is a great album. They certainly held my attention. Since this was the last night of the tour, OLP did all kinds of disgusting stuff to BL’s gear while they were playing, such as Vaseline on the instruments, powder on the drums, etc. A comical end to a good set.

Katie and I managed 8th row tickets for this one, and we met up with a couple other Clumsy Congress members for the first time (Niki and Devon). As this was the 3rd time I’d seen OLP in the span of less than a year (all on the Clumsy tour), between the prior two shows and reading the Clumsy Congress, we kinda knew what we were in for. The setlist didn’t change too much from the Water Street Show, as they just added Hello Oskar. Along with a good number of other people, we got up to the edge of the stage during the encore, which was super-memorable for being the first of a couple times I saw OLP cover Jeff Buckley’s “Eternal Life”. I recall being one of a scant few who knew the song (Thanks Christine!), which led to lots of people looking around, going “How the hell does he know the words??”. One of the more fondly-remembered OLP shows for sure out of the bunch, and another that I happened across a recording of!

Automatic Flowers
The Birdman
Superman’s Dead
Car Crash
Let You Down
Hello Oskar

Eternal Life (Jeff Buckley cover)

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