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06/10/2004 Fuel, Seven Day Faith (Buffalo, NY @ Lafeytte Square)

By Eric | June 10, 2004 11:59 pm

The first Thursday in the Square show I’ve been to in awhile. Tiff and I got there about 7, just as Seven Day Faith was finishing up. Stood around until about a quarter to 8, when Fuel finally took to the stage. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold, the weather was just right for an outdoor show 🙂 They opened up with Quarter, then right into Jesus or a Gun. Continuing the harder stuff, Won’t Back Down was next, then Shimmer got the place into a frenzy. Speaking of frenzies, free shows coupled with beer always draw a lot of interesting people to shows, and this was no exception. Lotsa kids, and just-past-kids that wanted to mosh and crowdsurf, and that’s exactly what they did. Next up was Scar, and while Brett sounded great up until this point, the next song, Untitled, he really sounded like he was straining to hit some of the notes. Fortunately, this was the only song that sounded like that, as the rest of the show both before and after were excellent… Million Miles, Down Inside Of You, and Sunburn came next, all with the trademark Carl Bell guitar riffing. Another huge crowd singalong for Falls on Me, and then the crowd went bezerk during Down, all the moshers had a field day. Continuing the hard stuff, Fuel played Empty Spaces and Prove, before closing the main set with Hemorrhage. Back out for the encore, first was Bittersweet, and the closer closer was Last Time. Lotsa energy, lotsa fun, and to cap it all off, there was a hell of a fight at the end of the show in the crowd. Not too bad for free!

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