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06/13/2013 Lamb Of God, Decapitated (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | June 17, 2013 8:44 pm

[The Acacia Strain opened, missed them.]

As per usual, I arrived after putting Nate to bed, so I missed The Acacia Strain, but got there just as Decapitated was starting up. I don’t know what it is about Poland, but they crank out some super-heavy metal bands (see Behemoth). These guys weren’t as theatrical as Behemoth, but Decapitated were just as brutal and impressive. I like their brand of metal a little better, so I was pretty entertained by their set. Doing a little setlist.fm sleuthing, it looks like their set hasn’t varied much lately, so I’m pretty confident I saw the following list (because I don’t know for sure!):

Day 69
Post(?) Organic
Carnival is Forever
Homo Sum
A View From a Hole
Spheres of Madness

As this show approached, I was finding it hard to believe that this was only going to be the 4th time seeing LoG, and I hadn’t seen them since they opened for Metallica in Buffalo back in late 2009. I’m pretty sure this is the first proper tour (save for a couple one-off dates) they’ve done since Randy got through all his legal stuff in Prague, so I’m pretty sure they were well-rested and ready to rock. And boy howdy did they! Easily the best of the now 4 times I’d see them, the band sounded as tight as ever, Randy was his usual wandering self all over the stage, and the crowd was definitely into it. And just like the Hatebreed crowds, no idiots that I could see, and I was in the thick of it; ended up about three deep off the barrier. The setlist read almost like a greatest hits, as LoG played all the favorites, and the crowd ate it up. Stupid little detail highlight for me: on the LED video boards they had, every time Randy would do a “Wooooo!” during his between-song banter, they’d flash a Ric Flair clip up on the boards! It never got old LOL. Needless to say, I had a great time, the band looked like they did too, and the crowd surely did.


Walk With Me In Hell


Contractor (look for someone’s big head around the 2:50 mark lol)


LoG Setlist:
Ghost Walking
Walk with Me in Hell
Set to Fail
Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
11th Hour
The Undertow

The Passing
In Your Words
Laid to Rest
Black Label

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