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06/25/1998 Limp Bizkit, Incubus, Cold, Staind (Buffalo, NY @ Funhouse)

By Eric | June 25, 1998 11:59 pm

This was one hell of a show, and still ranks as one of my favorites, kind of a who’s who of late 90’s alt/nu/radio metal! This show was on the small stage at this venue, no less! I actually met Fred Durst for a brief moment, as he was just sitting at the bar with no one else around. I got his autograph on my ticket stub, and figured meeting bands was always going to be this easy! I also thought I’d hit the lottery getting to the barrier right at the beginning, which held out for the first three bands through the incredible heat. The place was a sauna all night long, and only got worse the later it got.

Staind was first band on, and I had no idea who they were at the time. Obviously hindsight is 20-20, and I really wish I could have known the Tormented stuff at the time, as Staind would go on to be one of my favorite bands for quite a stretch. I recall enjoying their set, and distinctly remember Fred coming out and doing Bring The Noise with them, which I ashamedly admit I didn’t know at the time either. Plenty of people did, however, and they went berserk for it.

Bring the Noise from this era. Could be this show for all I know, but I highly doubt it…

Cold was next, and was another band I didn’t know anything about. The slower, sludgy music combined with Scooter’s voice threw me off at first, and I remember enjoying Staind more than them. (Obviously that first Cold album grew on me, and they became another favorite band of mine!) Judging from everything I’ve ever found, the setlist was probably something like Goodbye Cruel World, Give, Everyone Dies, Strip Her Down, and Go Away. When I finally met the guys in Cold much later (Kitchener in January 2001), I mentioned that the first time I’d seen them was this show, and Jeremy exclaimed “HOLY SHIT I remember that show! We kept begging them to bring us water instead of beer! I mean, we’re from Florida, but that was insane!”

Incubus was next, and I didn’t know them either (sensing a pattern here?), save for hearing A Certain Shade of Green. By this time the place was really like an oven, it was hot outside, even worse inside, people getting carried out left and right. They sounded pretty good though. Don’t really remember much about their set, but some internet sleuthing says the setlist was: DJ Kilmore, Magic Medicine/A Certain Shade Of Green, Hilikus, Vitamin, Idiot Box, Redefine, Glass, Calgone, You Will Be A Hot Dancer, New Skin.

Bizkit had their first-ever sold out show at Water Street back in December of 1997, and then played the Main Street Armory in February of 1998, which for awhile was the only bootleg you’d find for them (same day as OLP @ Water Street in fact). They had a massive WNY following, so to play this closet of a place was apparently something. Mind you, they were still kinda unknown in the mainstream, Faith hadn’t blown up yet!
*End Aside*

So yeah, that barrier spot! I held on to it for all of the first three bands, with an absolute crush of people behind me. And then Limp Bizkit came out. Well HO-LEE SHIT. They opened with Pollution, then right into Leech, and the place ERUPTED. I’m hanging on to the barrier for dear life, while Fred was looking right at me as we screamed the lyrics to Pollution. Then little old me, I couldnt take the heat anymore. I moved back off the barrier for the rest of the show, and enjoyed every minute of it! Fred got up onto the bar to sing Nobody Loves Me, they did their requisite covers medley of Korn and RATM, then busted into Jump Around! They closed with Faith and got all the chicks up on stage, not that there was any sort of room. This is definately one show, knowing what I know now, that I want a time machine for to go back to again!

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