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07/01/1998 Edgefest 98: The Tea Party, Moist, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Econoline Crush, The Watchmen, Creed, Matthew Good Band (Barrie, ONT @ Molson Park)

By Eric | July 1, 1998 11:59 pm

[Bands that apparently were there that I didn’t see / don’t remember: Tripping Daisy, Sloan, Rusty, Bif Naked, Killjoys, The Inbreds, Sandbox]

My first experience at the legendary Molson Park, and I went by myself! This was as I was really getting into a lot of the then-current Canadian rock, and here was most of those bands all in one place! I remember getting there and wandering around for a bit and getting the lay of the land, before catching Econoline Crush on the main stage. Lead singer Trevor Hurst had dyed his hair bright red and was wearing a Canadian Olympic hockey team jersey, so needless to say he stood out. No idea on a setlist, but I do recall them sounding pretty good.

It was off to the second stage for a couple bands in a row, namely The Watchmen (whom I wasn’t really into yet, but knew I should probably see them), Matthew Good Band, who I’d recently gotten into thanks to Canadian radio (Everything is Automatic and Indestructible were on constantly), and Creed again.

Back over to the main stage to see Green Day, and boy howdy were they entertaining. They let a kid up on stage, showed him 3 chords, and let him play on one of the songs! Tre destroyed his drum kit at the end of the set. According to setlist.fm their set was: Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin’ a Ride, Geek Stink Breath, Welcome to Paradise, Longview, Brain Stew, Jaded, Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover), Basket Case, King for a Day, When I Come Around, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).

Seeing the Foo Fighters was a treat as well, although I can’t claim to remember much about their set. Setlist.fm says they played: Monkey Wrench, Alone + Easy Target, See You, My Poor Brain, Up in Arms, Enough Space, Big Me, I’ll Stick Around, Weenie Beenie, Hey, Johnny Park!, Everlong, New Way Home, This Is a Call.

Now Moist I paid a bit more attention to, and my main highlight/takeaway from their set was that they did Tangerine, then segued into Jesus Was My Girl from David Usher’s solo album. They were amazing. The Tea Party brought Edwin (who had recently departed I Mother Earth) out to cover Bowie/Renznor’s I’m Afraid Of Americans, which was unreal. I’m pretty sure the Tea also did Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” as an interlude in “Save Me”. Apparently they had also played earlier in the day in Ottawa and flew in. Surprisingly, no one near me in the crowd was singing, so I moved up closer to the front of the main stage, and ending up chatting with someone from Niagara Falls who had also made the trip.

It was definitely a long day, and felt like a longer drive home, but was certainly worth it to see that collection of bands in one place!

Pics grabbed from Canoe.ca.

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