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07/11/1998 Third Eye Blind, Our Lady Peace, Eve6 (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | July 11, 1998 11:59 pm

I wrote this whole show up for the Clumsy Congress right after it happened, back in 1998, so this has an even more fanboy-ish vibe than usual. I’ve cleaned it up a bit (it was one big chunk of text, with almost no punctuation save for exclamation points everywhere), but other than that, straight from the horse’s mouth 14 years ago… Enjoy!

Katie and I get to the park about 12:30, and wait around by the front gate for about 10-15 minutes, and then we see Devon, Niki, Beth, and Devon’s brother Ethan walking towards us [all folks from the Clumsy Congress]. We got park passes for the day as well, so we do the whole rides thing, then get the bright idea to go over to the amphitheater to see if soundcheck and whatnot is going on. We all started over to the amphitheater section (having to leave the amusement park) and walking along the fence, seeing if there was any way we could see the special “meeting” session the local radio station had with OLP. While we were looking in the fence’s direction, Duncan walked right past us! We did the usual, “is that him? no, YEAH!” and then followed the small crowd of radio winners to try and get in anyway, to no avail. So we rip down a banner that the radio station put up, make a sign saying “clumsy congressors over the fence!!!” and chucked it over. Also to no avail. Getting the bright idea that since we’re gonna be so close [we had something like 2nd row seats], we take down more radio banners and make two signs: one saying “The Clumsy Congress loves OLP” which we all signed (and put an (emtee) on there too!) [emtee was guitarist Mike Turner’s handle on the CC], and the other saying “Clumsy Congress Right Here!” with arrows pointing to us. We figured we were going to hold them up. We circle back to the park and Devon gets the idea to get a beach ball or something to sign and throw up on the stage, when her brother finds an inflatable guitar instead! Devon buys it, we all sign it (again, with all our screen names on it too!) and on the neck we wrote, again, “The Clumsy Congress loves you!” We figure since we’re so close, this will ultimately get chucked up on stage.

Fast-forward to the opening band, Eve6… decent, but that’s not why I’m writing! [They were actually pretty good, but we were ridiculously impatient for OLP]

Now the fun begins; we park ourselves right by the barrier, and then we get the bright idea to tape the banners to the barrier! (Mike could definately see them where we were…) So that done, (oh yeah, we were all displaying the CC on our hands too!) OLP comes out, Devon and Niki waved to Mike beforehand, so when he comes out, he looks at the banners, saw the (emtee) on it, and since we’re all displaying our CC’s, Mike smiles and waves to Devon and Niki, and then a little further down, me and Katie! We got a thumbs up and everything! Then Niki with her perfect aim, gets the blow-up guitar on the stage, RIGHT by mike! he looks down at it (miraclously with our writing face UP!) and once again acknowledges us! Then the roadie puts it in Mike’s guitar stand! Later on, Mike actually picked it up and pretended to play it! (score one for the CC!) So we got seen by Mike, I know I got eye contact from Duncan and Jeremy too… and even Raine for a split second! During Starseed, Raine jumps off the stage, comes right up to the barrier and starts slapping hands, first of which was mine! At this point Katie (who also got her hand touched!) snaps a picture like 2 inches from Raine’s face! Mike also “posed” for pictures for Katie and Niki. He was hamming it up!

OLP setlist:
Automatic Flowers
Superman’s Dead
Car Crash
Let You Down
Hello Oskar
Eternal Life (Jeff Buckley cover)

1998-07-11 OLP @ Darien Lake

We watched 3eb (yawn)… not impressed personally. [Ultimately, the band was fine, but Stephen Jenkins voice did leave something to be desired in a live setting. I’ve come to love that first 3EB album, but I found a video bootleg from some other show on this tour, and his voice really was as bad as I remember it being,

The set we saw was probably very similar to this one from a week later:

Thanks a Lot
Motorcycle Drive By
Good for You
Horror Show
The Background
I Want You
Burning Man
Tattoo of the Sun
How’s It Going to Be
Baba O’Riley [The Who]
Losing a Whole Year
Semi-Charmed Life

I Will Follow [U2]
God of Wine

We left after saying goodbye to Devon, Ethan, Beth and Niki. Me and Katie hung around to try and catch a glimpse of OLP’s tour bus, we wait in the car for 5 minutes, and out comes the bus! We follow it, hoping it stops at the rest stop [foolish yes, but wouldn’t that have been awesome], but it doesn’t. We follow it onto the Thruway, but sadly it goes east to the next gig in Syracuse, we had to go west to get back home! Ah well… needless to say, we had a blast.

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