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07/29/2015 Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine, Motionless In White (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | July 30, 2015 2:29 pm

This was the show of the summer. Hands down. Billed as the “Summer’s Last Stand” tour, it lived up to the name. I sprung for pit, as I’m way too antsy to see Slipknot and LoG in seats. The pit section was fairly empty as Motionless in White came on, but everyone that was there seemed to pay attention, and the band was pretty good. They seem like they’d have a way better go of it in a dark club as opposed to broad daylight, visually speaking, however musically they sounded good. I’m not familiar with any of their stuff, so their half hour was as entertaining as it could have been.

MIW setlist:
Break the Cycle
Devil’s Night
If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It

I’d seen Bullet For My Valentine in 2011 on Uproar, plus I’d spun some of their stuff in anticipation of the show, so I had an idea of what to expect. Pretty straightforward metal/metalcore, they sounded great. As with MIW, I don’t really know many of the songs, but the interest and entertainment factor was certainly there. I can see why they’re as popular as they are; they’re a really solid band.

Bullet for my Valentine setlist:
No Way Out
Your Betrayal
Raising Hell
Scream Aim Fire
Army of Noise
Tears Don’t Fall
Waking the Demon

With the openers out of the way, it was time to get down and dirty. Lamb of God had just released Sturm und Drang the Friday before, and this tour started the same day, so everything was fresh. The boys opened with Walk With Me In Hell, and that whipped everyone up from the word go. Pretty much a “greatest hits” set with two of the new tunes sprinkled in (512, Still Echoes), I was thrilled that even during a non-headlining set they throw stuff like Vigil in there! It was a figurative and literal sprint through the set. Literal, as in Randy was running and jumping all over the stage for the entirety of their time. He had more energy than most of the crowd! The rest of the band sounded fantastic, as per usual. They seemed to be having a lot of fun up there, and most of the crowd in the pit was equal to the task, if not the massive mosh pit that a LoG headliner might induce. Always too short, but a hell of a time.

Lamb of God setlist:
Walk with Me in Hell
Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
Still Echoes
Ghost Walking
Laid to Rest

Walk With Me In Hell

Ghost Walking

The pit area really packed in once set change hit. It got a little darker outside, which helped the stage show immensely. There were huge curtains across the stage as they rolled tape on XIX. The curtains opened to reveal the band and the stage, they closed out XIX, launched into Sarcastrophe, and away we went. The band sounded fantastic, Corey’s screams were on point, and the stage show was the usual chaos you’d expect from a Slipknot show. Their setup was as elaborate as anything I’ve seen at Darien Lake, and they used every square inch of it. All of the band members were wandering around the entire time, Clown and Fehn were up and down on their drum rigs all night. The crowd went nuts, and just about everyone went as crazy for the new stuff (and knew all the words!) as well as the old. No worries about diehards in the pit this time around. Lots of movement, bouncing, dancing, moshing, a complete 180 from the crowd at the 2008 Mayhem Fest show (I didn’t go in 2012). We did the requisite “jumpdafuckup” during Spit It Out, and Corey, Clown and Fehn made their way to the barrier on more than one occasion to get as close as they could.

I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the one character in the pit who presumed it was his rightful duty to be “barrier access ambassador”. No joke, this guy would keep ushering girls (and it was always girls) in front of him to get closer up front. Which is a noble act, except the pit was packed, and there was nowhere to put anybody! Didn’t matter to him though. More annoying than actually disruptive, its just one of those things that happen when you get a show that EVERYONE comes to.

No complaints about song selection, however! The new stuff was all bangers (Sarcastrophe, Devil in I, AOV, Custer, etc.) and they played all the old favorites. No one could have left unhappy either, as the encore was a perfect cap to the set and the night – they left it all out there. 742617000027 into (sic), People = Shit, and the rightful closer, Surfacing. If you’re not jacked up for those three songs, you’re not a fan. It closed out a fantastic night of metal, and as I said up top, this was the show of the summer. Worth every penny.

Slipknot setlist:
XIX (tape as intro)
The Heretic Anthem
The Devil in I
Wait and Bleed
Before I Forget
Spit It Out

People = Shit
‘Til We Die (tape as outro)

XIX / Sarcastrophe


Before I Forget


Some LoG and Slipknot clips from the photo pit:

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