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07/22/2015 10 Years, Nonpoint, The Family Ruin (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | July 23, 2015 4:42 pm

[A Vintage Year and Awaken The Empire were also on the bill, but I missed them.]

I had this date circled on the calendar for a little bit, as Nonpoint is always a good show (and I’m certainly biased from meeting them back in December at this very venue!), and I became a 10 Years fan after seeing them on Carnival of Madness back in 2010 but hadn’t seen them since. I caught the tail end of The Family Ruin’s set, and they sounded pretty decent, your standard (what I’d call) radio metal (they’re all over Octane on XM apparently). Nothing really stood out, but it wasn’t terrible by any stretch.

But up next in the direct support slot was Nonpoint. A large number of people were there to see them, and we weren’t disappointed. They opened with a song I’d never seen live before, The Wreckoning, and we also got to hear Misery, which they didn’t play in December. Beyond that it was a pretty standard Nonpoint set, full of crowd-pleasers including a bit of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems blended into the end of Hands Off. The boys were all over the stage, dreads flying everywhere, full of energy for sure. I could have used a couple more songs from them, but I always feel that way.

I was curious to see how 10 Years would be, and I came away feeling mixed about the set. Part of it was misplaced expectations, as I peeked at one setlist that had a lot of songs I really liked in it, versus the most recent setlist I’d seen, of which this show was a copy, and needless to say I was less than thrilled with the song selection. The opener was the new single, Miscellanea, which rocks hard, right into Minus The Machine and Chasing the Rapture. After that, every song seemed to have the same tempo, and while the band sounded good, lead singer Jesse Hasek has pipes, and the crowd was certainly into it, I watched and just had a feeling of “ehhhhh”. They just didn’t jive with me for whatever reason. I liked most of the songs that did get played, but there’s definitely things I would have rather heard that didn’t get played. Perhaps that’s part of it. I kinda snapped back into things at the end, as the last two songs were Wasteland and Shoot It Out, but overall, I came away with a “good but not great” feeling. I wouldn’t even classify it as a dud (after 300+ there’s bound to be a couple), just not the super-mega-awesome set I usually gush about.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the guy that FaceTimed his buddy the entire concert, or at least Nonpoint and 10 Years. Not sure how much the guy on the other end saw, as his friend couldn’t hold the phone steady amongst all his jumping around. Is this a thing now?? That’s worse than watching the show through your phone to film it.

Nonpoint setlist
Alive and Kicking
Hands off / 99 Problems
Breaking Skin
Your Signs
That Day
What a Day
Bullet With A Name

Breaking Skin

10 Years setlist
Minus the Machine
Chasing the Rapture
Dancing with the dead
Fix Me
Russian Roulette
11:00am (Daydreamer)
Fade Into (The Ocean)
From Birth to Burial
Triggers and Tripwires
Actions and Motives
Shoot It Out

Shoot It Out (pt 1)

Shoot It Out (pt 2)

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