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08/08/2015 Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Jasta (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | August 10, 2015 8:35 am

This was a fun one, and a show I was looking forward to for quite awhile. A chance to see Jamey Jasta do some solo stuff, another chance to see Fear Factory (this time with Dino), and while I was never a big fan, get my nu-metal on and see Coal Chamber for the first time.

It was interesting to see Jamey Jasta in an opening role, considering Hatebreed either headlines or is direct support just about all the time these days. Along with his handpicked band of mostly CT people: Pat Seymour (guitar), Chris Beaudette (bass), Joe Debiase (drums), & Steve Gibb (guitar), he came out and got things started early. The place wasn’t exactly full, but the Hatebreed diehards came out to support for sure. I had to chuckle when they started out with the intro riff from The Jasta Show podcast, and then ripped into Walk That Path Alone. They played a couple more tunes from the Jasta record, plus Buried in Black off the Kingdom of Sorrow album, and closed it with I Will Be Heard. It was cool to hear these songs live, and the whole band sounded great. Jamey could probably front a band of beginners and make them look and sound cool, but these guys were all seasoned vets, and it made for a fantastic opening set. They brought up a guy that paid for the VIP pass that let him play IWBH on guitar with the band, and he wasn’t half bad at all. Pretty cool perk. I managed to snag a setlist and caught Jamey’s wristband that he tossed out into the crowd at the end. Speaking of VIP, I sprung the $20 and did the meet and greet after the set, which was pretty cool as well. Jamey was gracious with everyone as always, and the rest of the band were really nice guys as well. One of the guitar players, Steve Gibb, has played with Kingdom, Crowbar, and a bunch of other people, and is actually Barry Gibb (of the Bee Gees) son!

Buried in Black

2015-08-08 22.03.37 jasta
2015-08-10 08.01.47 jasta

Jasta setlist:
Podcast Intro
Walk That Path Alone
Set You Adrift
The Fearless Must Endure
Screams From The Sanctuary
Nothing They Say
Soldiers Of Hell (Running Wild cover)
Enslaved, Dead or Depraved
Buried in Black (Kingdom of Sorrow cover)
I Will Be Heard (Hatebreed cover) (w/ VIP guitar player)

Buried In Black

I hadn’t seen Fear Factory since the Jagermeister Tour back in April of 2004, and I wasn’t really impressed back then. Dino Cazares wasn’t in the band at that point, and I hadn’t really bothered to check them out. As it turns out, Fear Factory is a band I do enjoy, combining the riffs that led to a lot of the nu-metal sound along with just enough programming to keep it interesting. The older stuff is a bit better, but this tour was promoting the new Genexus album, which sounded pretty decent as well. There was a healthy contingent of people there to see FF, and the band didn’t disappoint them, opening with some of the old stuff, a couple of new tunes, and then closing with more of the old stuff. A very enjoyable set and it led me to actually go back and check out the catalog.

Fear Factory setlist:
What Will Become?
Soul Hacker


Soul Hacker

Finally, one of the biggest nu-metal bands that I never got into. Coal Chamber always seemed like lowest common denominator nu-metal to me, and maybe it still is, but damn if nostalgia isn’t fun. Hell, they opened with Loco and Big Truck. It doesn’t get much more ignorant than that, but the entire place was bouncing around like it was 1997 again. The set didn’t sound half bad, and it’s obvious that Dez knows what he’s doing as a frontman (you don’t put out 6 successful albums with Devildriver for nothing). I had a blast, even if I didn’t know a ton of the songs. The majority of the crowd *did* know the songs, and they seemed to have a hell of a time. A fun show to be sure.

Coal Chamber setlist (I think):
Big Truck
I.O.U. Nothing
Something Told Me
Another Nail in the Coffin
No Home
Dark Days


Big Truck


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