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08/24/2002 The Tea Party, The Turnstones, Junction Five (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | August 24, 2002 11:59 pm

This was Jake’s first concert ever!! We weren’t sure we were going to go, but as luck would have it, we got the last two tickets Record Archive had. Got there at 6, doors at 7… haha right. 7:30 and we finally get in, and grab barrier spots. Yeah, Jake’s going to be spoiled for his first one hehe. Junction 5 comes out first, I guess they’re local to Rochester, and they sounded pretty decent! 3 of the 4 guys in the band took turns singing, so that was pretty cool, and the one guy busted out a Recorder (ya know, the 3rd grade you-have-to-play-it musical instrument?) during a song! So they were decent. Next up, Velour… oh, I mean, the Turnstones… um yeah. You suck. The Tea came out promptly at 10, and instead of starting with Interzone (like the past few shows), Jeff ripped into The River! After that however, the setlist remained largely unchanged from the other shows, Interzone didnt get played at all, and instead of Cathartik, we got The Baazar. They did sound excellent as usual though, and Jake seemed pretty much captivated the whole time. Even more so due to the fact that during The Halcyon Days, as beginners luck would have it, he caught a drumstick! Some kids… 🙂 The crowd was very respectful again, we were right up front and hardly got touched, another case of everyone that was there wanted to be there. So while the set was the same as usual, it was still a great show, and I’m glad Jake got to have an excellent first concert experience, so he won’t be soured on the whole thing!

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