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09/16/2011 Rock Allegiance / Rock The Cans: Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D., Red, Crossfade (Rochester, NY @ Genesee Brewery)

By Eric | September 20, 2011 4:04 pm

[Drive A was the first band on the bill, but I didn’t get there in time to see them.]
Genesee Brewery’s annual Rock The Cans show brought the Rock Allegiance Tour to town with a pretty decent bill. I got in, found Aimee and Dave and found a beer. I also found out that I missed Drive A and got there just as Crossfade was starting. They sounded better than I remember them being six years ago at the State Fair with Nickelback, but the older songs are still the better ones. Thus Colors, So Far Away, and Cold obviously drew bigger reactions. And they were LOUD. Ended up being louder than any of the other bands, and for no good reason. Crossfade Setlist: Drown You Out, Colors, Lay Me Down, Dead Memories, So Far Away, Killing Me Inside, Cold.


Around this time I met up with Kiersten, Pete and their crew, said hi, and compared notes on Uproar the weekend before. Red was up next, and they didn’t sound too much different from when I saw them in ’07. A standard radio rock band with some Christian influences, and they didn’t sound half-bad. Not much to say about them. Red Setlist: Feed the Machine, The Outside, Let Go, Lie to Me (Denial), Death of Me, Breathe Into Me.

Since this show was at the brewery, I got to chat with the one person I know that works for North American and got a bit of a hook up! Also, work Pete showed up and we moved on up towards the front. P.O.D. was up next, and it was nu-metal mayhem. Hello 2000! Every P.O.D. song you know, they played, and they sounded pretty damn good at it. The crowd sure was into it, and I forgot that Alive was probably a bigger hit than Southtown and Youth of the Nation were, at least judging from the reactions. Interesting! P.O.D. Setlist: Boom, Set It Off, Roots In Stereo, Youth of the Nation, Southtown, On Fire, Alive, What I Got
(Sublime cover).

Youth Of The Nation

Puddle of Mudd. Again. In all honesty, they sounded pretty decent this time around, but they still lull in the middle of the set. This time they played two off of their new covers album in the middle, Neil Young’s Old Man, and the Stones’ Gimme Shelter. The other radio hits were sufficiently energetic to get the crowd moving. Puddle of Mudd Setlist: Stoned, Psycho, Away from Me, Control, Gimme Shelter, Old Man, Blurry, She Hates Me.

Up next was a band I *gasp* actually have never seen up until now. Buckcherry! I’ve heard some good things about their live show, and I heard correctly. Lots of energy, Josh Todd’s voice sounded fine, and the band rocked it hard. It helps that they have a lot of uptempo songs, mostly about partying, and they made use of them. By this point the crowd was feeling pretty good, so that only added to the party-like atmosphere. We’d camped out right in front of the soundboard by this point, so we had a pretty good vantage point for both the show and the crowd in front. It started getting cold out also around this point, so how Josh was parading around with no shirt on I don’t know. Dude must have been freezing! Buckcherry setlist: Dead,
Rescue Me, All Night Long, Dead Again, Everything, It’s A Party, Next 2 You, Lit Up, Sorry, Crazy Bitch.

Crazy Bitch

Last band on… Papa Roach! Started with a bang, with Getting Away With Murder, and ran through a bunch of hits, including to Be Loved, Angels and Insects, and Kick In The Teeth. The band had a ton of energy, the crowd had a ton of energy, the set was getting to just about the midway point, and just after The Enemy… lead singer Jacoby Shaddix announces that due to a mis-communication about what time curfew was, they had one more song and that was it. “Fuck the promoter” was the phrase used, and why curfew was 10:30pm and not 11pm I’ll never know. In any event, they played a ferocious take on Last Resort and quickly exited the stage. (Looking at other setlists, we got jacked out of Lifeline, One Track Mind, Scars and Hollywood Whore.) While it was an abbreviated set, P Roach put on a great show for the nine songs we did get.
P. Roach setlist: Getting Away With Murder, To Be Loved, Burn, Between Angels and Insects, Forever, No Matter What, Kick in the Teeth, The Enemy, Last Resort.

Getting Away With Murder

Like everyone else, I too was bummed with the early end to the night, but it didn’t put that much of a damper on the show as a whole. Good times with good friends and good bands!

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