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09/22/2002 High On Fire, Jucifer (Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar)

By Eric | September 22, 2002 11:59 pm

Adam wanted somebody to go with to this one, so I figured, a small-time metal show? I haven’t really been to one before, why not? We got there as Jucifer was finishing up. Quite interesting, just two people, a girl on the guitar and a guy on the drums. She had her guitar tuned down pretty low, so the sound was bassy and dirty, and the drummer looked like Tommy Lee, and attacked the kit with about the same ferocity. Not to say that musically it was all that redeeming. The 10 minutes we saw of them was plenty enough. High on Fire, on the other hand, was a three-piece that played straightforward metal. The vocals were kinda growling, and the guitar work was a lot of chords and a little soloing here and there, but it was much easier to follow and get into. I don’t think I’ll be buying their CD, but it was an entertaining show nonetheless. A quick word about the Bug Jar too, since it was my first time there. This place is like seeing a band in your apartment, or rather, in a walk-in closet. Its that small. If anyone that you really loves comes to that place, you’ll be in heaven, and right on top of the band 🙂

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