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10/11/2002 Hoobastank, Blindside, Greenwheel (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

By Eric | October 11, 2002 11:59 pm

We got to the gym about 7, and were about 2 people deep when Greenwheel came out. Yep, this kid can still sing 🙂 They opened with Identity, and then into Shelter, and Louder Than Words… There were actually a couple people that had the album and knew the words up at the front with us, so that was cool, has to make them feel good that they have at least a couple fans 🙂 Next up were two songs that aren’t on the album, Everything and Flood, both of which sounded really good and could have been on the album… Then came Breathe, which was a bit different than the album version, slower on the slow parts, but harder on the heavy parts, it was pretty cool! Dim Halo was next, my favorite, and it didn’t disappoint. The last song was Strong, and he nailed the note at the end! They were really impressive… So their set ends, and I start yelling to one of the “security guards”, campus safety morons, if I could snag the setlist. Blank Stare. I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME JACKASS!!! Kelley swings up because she knows one of the other guards, and he’s like, we cant get the list. Sure, so I start yelling for the roadie, who rips it, and points to one of the girls in front of me…. I’m like, I was asking for that way before anyone else did!! And I got it… mission accomplished! So in-between sets we wandered over to the merch table, and we got autographs and talked to the guys in greenwheel, who were all fairly cool and friendly. Blindside was up next… I think we made it through a song and a half, and then walked outside… they were awful… the mp3’s I had downloaded were bad enough, we thought maybe they’d be better live, but no such luck. So we didn’t watch too much of them. Back inside and sitting on the bleachers for Hoobastank, and they were much better than I thought they’d be. They had a hell of a lot of energy, and the lead singer kept profusely thanking the crowd hehe. From what Rachel said, they played everything off the album and a couple off of their indie record as well. Someone had a football that made it up on stage, so the lead singer tried to pass it to his merch guy all the way at the back of the gym… the first time he made it as far as the soundboard, and the 2nd time he got it a bit further. Fun stuff! They didn’t play an encore, Crawling in the Dark was 2nd to last, and the last song they played was even more upbeat than that. For once, an RIT show worth going to, and worth the $10 for the ticket!

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