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10/11/2016 Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Devil You Know (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | October 13, 2016 11:00 pm

Talk about a stacked bill! It was awesome to see Devil You Know again, after seeing them in May at Montage. Their list was slightly shorter this time out, and I got to see A New Beginning, which they didn’t play at Montage. Some of the crowd actually knew a couple of the songs, almost everyone at least recognized Howard, and he was as snarky as ever between songs. The band sounded great, so it was a nice primer for the rest of the night.

Devil You Know Setlist:
Consume the Damned
Embracing the Torture
Seven Years Alone
Stay of Execution
A New Beginning
The Way We Die
Shut It Down

2016-10-11 20.20.57 - DYK

I was very interested to see Devildriver, as Jamey talks them up all the time, and they’d consistently been mentioned as one of the better metal bands around today. Much like I only took a passing interest in Coal Chamber, with Dez being the common thread, I only ever took that same passing interest in Devildriver. Unfortunately, the live show didn’t really change my mind much. DD were good, Dez absolutely knows how to work a crowd, the band sounded fine, but I really couldn’t get into it. Not sure why, other than to say that the songs just didn’t grab me. The people that were there to see them, however, got their money’s worth and seemed to be having a great time.

DevilDriver setlist:
Hold Back the Day
These Fighting Words
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
I Could Care Less
Nothing’s Wrong?
My Night Sky
End of the Line
Before the Hangman’s Noose
Clouds Over California
Meet the Wretched

Hatebreed time! This was show #7 for me, and it was just as much fun as the other 6. I weaseled my way down to the front to be amongst the crazies, and had a great time in the process. Before the set began, I started talking to this guy that was in town from Europe for work (I want to say Austria, maybe Germany? Can’t remember.), and was a huge metal fan. He got really lucky with his timing, found out the show was happening and got in! This guy was all in for Hatebreed too, it was awesome to see. The band came out and opened with Destroy Everything, to give you an idea how the night was going to go. The next song was the only new one they’d play, but it was a banger in Looking Down The Barrel of Today. After that it was a hit parade, with a couple of the old tunes thrown in for good measure (Empty Promises, Under the Knife, Smash Your Enemies), Doomsayer is always a favorite, and they closed out with I Will Be Heard. As you can see in the video below, Jamey stopped the song halfway through to berate the security guards in the pit for being less than helpful. He wasn’t wrong; these dudes were a little less than cooperative for some reason. The crowd, on the other hand, was great, good pits with no garbage as far as I could tell. Good times!

Merch-wise, I got to chat with Francesco and Ryan from Devil You Know for a minute and bought a shirt, plus I managed to snag one of the limited print shirts Hatebreed made for the show with the custom Sabres graphics on it – pretty sweet!

2016-10-11 23.33.16 - Hatebreed

I Will Be Heard

Hatebreed Setlist is not in order:

Destroy Everything
Looking Down the Barrel of Today
Everyone Bleeds Now
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Empty Promises
Under The Knife
To the Threshold
This Is Now
Tear It Down
Smash Your Enemies
Seven Enemies
Honor Never Dies
As Diehard As They Come
Live for This
I Will Be Heard

2016-10-11 Hatebreed @ Town Ballroom

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