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09/28/2016 Clutch, Zakk Sabbath, Kyng (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | September 29, 2016 1:40 pm

This was a legitimate rock show! I’d come to be a pretty big Clutch fan in the last couple years, Zakk Wydle doing his Black Sabbath cover routine as direct support, and some serious hard rockers in Kyng as the first band on? Sign me up.

Kyng was very good, a hard driving capital-R Rock band. I didn’t know any of their material, but was into it nonetheless. Perfect openers for this.

2016-09-28 Clutch @ Town Ballroom

Zakk Sabbath was very very cool to see. Obviously, Zakk has the chops to pull this off, has the legacy with Ozzy, and he nailed it. I’m not the foremost expert on Sabbath by any means, but it sounded great to me; there were only 2 songs I really wasn’t familiar with. Zakk being Zakk!

Zakk Sabbath setlist:
Children of the Grave

War Pigs

Into the Void
Fairies Wear Boots

I was plenty excited for this show, since between seeing them at Montage back at the end of 2013 and now, I’d really delved into the Clutch catalog and become a big fan. They’d released Psychic Warfare in the meantime as well, so having the latest two albums as the ones I know the best came in handy, as 11 out of the 18 songs in the set were off of either Earth Rocker or Psychic Warfare. And the ones that weren’t were definite crowd pleasers like A Shogun Named Marcus, The Regulator, and The Mob Goes Wild. The band sounded great, the crowd was into it all night, and much like the last time I saw them, Neil Fallon commanded the crowd with ease. There isn’t much to review about this, other than it was a super fun night, and a super fun show! I capped it off by almost walking out of the venue with the wrong tour shirt – not sure if the guy misheard me, or I couldn’t point straight, or what. Got two steps away from the table and was like, this isn’t what I wanted!!

Clutch setlist:
Decapitation Blues
Burning Beard
Noble Savage
A Shogun Named Marcus
Struck Down
The Face
The Regulator
Sucker for the Witch
A Quick Death in Texas
Your Love Is Incarceration
X-Ray Visions
Son of Virginia
The Mob Goes Wild
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar

D.C. Sound Attack!
The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…

Intro / Decapitation Blues



Sucker For The Witch

Quick Death in Texas

Your Love Is Incarceration

X-Ray Visions / Firebirds

Electric Worry / One Eyed Dollar

DC Sound Attack / Wolfman

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