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10/28/2001 Family Values 2001: Stone Temple Pilots, Staind, Linkin Park, Static-X, Deadsy (Buffalo, NY @ HSBC Arena)

By Eric | October 28, 2001 11:59 pm

Okay, the family values review. We got to the MMA about 5 or so, the doors opened at 6, show started at 7. We got a barrier spot on the right hand side of the stage. Deadsy was up first, and boy do these guys suck. Every song sounded like a rejected Orgy demo. Apparently the lead singer is the son of Cher and Duane Allman, and he got musical talent from neither. Also, their other “guitar” player was playing this thing that looked like a playskool guitar. Whatever, these guys blow.

There were two high school girls next to us that were talking about how they were going to “so go off during linkin park!!” Yeah, that was before Static-X came out. They came to the intro from Machine, and kicked right into Get To The Gone. Then the first crowdsurfer came overhead, I gave him a good 3 shots in the back of the head, and then was repremanded by the security guard who told me “If you don’t like it, don’t be up front”. FUCK THAT. The assholes that go up and surf take just as much risk by going up there as I do by being up front. Anyway, Static-X was damn exciting to watch, even though there was like 10 people that had any idea who they were. They also played This Is Not, Black and White, Permanance, Cold, Bled For Days, Love Dump, and Push It. Wayne had his hair going in full form, and I caught one of Tripp Eisen’s picks.

Linkin Park was up next, and they ran through the same set as at the Slipknot gig over the summer (that being: With You, Runaway, Papercut, By Myself, Points of Authority, High Voltage, Pushing Me Away, In The End, A Place For My Head, Crawling, One Step Closer). It was okay, but they somehow just werent as good as they were over the summer. They were still running around like little kids, and Aaron Lewis came out during One Step Closer.

Then Staind was up next. Opened with Open Your Eyes, and then in order, Mudshovel, Fade, Take It, Outside, For You, Crawl, Suffer, It’s Been Awhile, and closed with Spleen. They were in top notch form, and sounded excellent. We got out of the crowd at this point, as getting slammed for STP just isn’t worth it.

We found Mary’s friend Dave, he had some empty seats by him, so we sat on the left side of the stage. . Opening with Wet My Bed / Crackerman, and then Vasoline, Weiland got mad pissed at somebody in the crowd after the song, challenging someone to get up on stage and suck his dick. “I’ll whip it out right here and you can suck it BITCH!!” hehe! Next was Wicked Garden, Big Empty, and Chester from Linkin Park came out to do Dead and Bloated with them. They used the rotating set to play Creep acoustically, at which point they pulled people from the crowd to get on stage. STP boy (our buddy from all the EC shows over the summer) had his Still Remains sign again, and not only did he get up on stage, while he was up there, they played Still Remains!!! Electric again for Trippin on a Hole…, Coma, Interstate Love Song, and the main set closed with Plush. For the encore, they did the Beatles Revolution, and then closed with Sex Type Thing, with Weiland doing the American Flag naked schitck once again. STP was pretty good, but played almost all old stuff! Only Coma from Shangri-La, absolutely NOTHING from No. 4, and only Trippin on a Hole… from Tiny Music. Everything else was Purple and Core! It was pretty cool, and I had a good time, but I dunno if it was a $42.50 good time. On the whole it still ends up on the plus side! 🙂

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