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10/21/2001 Fuel, Saliva, Breaking Point (Syracuse, NY @ Landmark Theater)

By Eric | October 21, 2001 11:59 pm

The Landmark Theater is a very nice place, much like a Shea’s in Buffalo. While a beautiful place, it’s NOT the place for a fuel show. Did I mention I hate seats? Besides the fact that nothing in Syracuse is GA over a certain capacity due to some stupid law, its always the least interested people that get the good seats! Anyway, me, Mary and Jason got there at about 7pm, the show started at 7:30. We had 8th row seats, but wandered up to third row and sat down for awhile. We made it all the way through Breaking Point without getting booted. Breaking Point was nothing spectactular, they’re just another rock band. I thought the singer kinda sounded like Travis Meeks from Days of the New, and their single, Coming of Age, sounds like they stole a riff from P. Roach’s “Between Angels and Insects”. But I digress. We move back to our real seats, and this 300 pound fatass is trying to tell us we’re in his friends seats. Before Jason can even get his ticket out to show the guy, this dude shoves Jason! I got right up in this guys face and I’m like, “Where’s your ticket?” Then his friends show up, and give us the same shit. People, if nothing else, at lame seated shows like this: READ YOUR TICKETS!!!! Damn! Anyway, Saliva was pretty good, they played the same set as they did at Darien Lake. The crowd was amazingly really into them, at times due to the pro-American comments Josey was making; “We’re gonna bomb the shit out of Osama bin whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is…”. Got everyone riled up in a good way! Early on in Saliva’s set, a kid from the balcony tried to leap to the “gallery” box high up on the wall on the right side of the stage. Suffice to say he got about halfway to it, then decided he wasn’t gonna make it and turned around, barely making it back to the balcony. Needless to say, security manhandled him pretty good. While it would have been a hell of a sight to see him fall, it would have been the end of the show, and there would have been a near-riot. Score one for the idiot kid. Then it was time for Fuel. Almost the same set as at Brockport, but we got Bad Day this time. The stage setup was pretty cool, they had these stairs that led to a platform behind Kevin’s drumkit. The guys were running all over the stage, and at one point, Brett came out into the crowd, at the edge of the Orchestra pit. Mary ran up and was in the thick of the throng that met him as he made his way across the front of the stage. They dedicated Innocent to everyone involved in the NYC tragedy, and Bittersweet was prefaced by a thought of sending Bin Laden back to Afghanistan as a woman, to let his own country take care of him. 🙂 They closed the main set with Ozone, and the encore with Hemmorrhage. Fuel was awesome, but no more venues with seats!! Please!!

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