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11/09/2021 Our Lady Peace, Charit Way (Rochester, NY @ Photo City Music Hall)

By Eric Bonus | November 11, 2021 5:02 pm

Our Lady Peace show #20!! Rather than having to drive to Buffalo to see them at the 1000-cap Town Ballroom, I drove 10 minutes from my house to see them in a tiny 400-cap place much like the first time I saw them at the Tralf 24 years ago. Much like the other modern-day OLP shows, they were good, Raine sounded okay, but they’ll never have a satisfying setlist anymore (Buffalo the night before got Naveed, we got Somewhere Out There) and I could have done without the two covers. Having said that, the new songs (The Message, Wish You Well) were pretty decent. It was still fun, I still had a good time. Very nice to see them in a more intimate setting than even Anthology a couple years ago, and I got to hang with TK and Phill, so that was even better.

The Message
Superman’s Dead
One Man Army
Right Behind You (Mafia)
Ballad of a Poet
Seasons [Future Islands Cover]
Drop Me in the Water
Wish You Well
Stop Making Stupid People Famous
Somewhere Out There
Is Anybody Home?
Maps [Yeah Yeah Yeah’s cover]


[In Repair and Run were on the setlist but the band skipped over it and played Thief instead]

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