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02/16/2008 Will Hoge, Dawn Landes (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

By Eric | February 16, 2008 11:59 pm

(Jason Isbell was also on the bill, but we didn’t stay for him.)

Tiffany was giddy with anticipation for this one, since this show was at the Tralf, we’d be a lot closer than we were in Ithaca, and with what we assumed (correctly) would be a more respectful crowd. We got inside and found a table pretty much front and center to the stage, and after a snack and some refreshments, Dawn Landes and her band started. I’m sure she’s very talented, and good at what she does, but folk/indie rock is just not for me. However, her half hour set was entertaining and engaging, and we certainly enjoyed it. But we were here for one reason only, and that was Will Hoge. He and the band appeared on stage right at 9pm, and launched into “These Were The Days” to warm approval from the crowd. They slowed it down a touch with “Someone Else’s Baby”, and from there my order is not entirely correct, but a string of up-tempo numbers followed, including “Rock ‘N Roll Star” (which I hadn’t seen live yet!), and then “Wait Till Your Daddy Gets Home”, which featured an extended jam session in the middle that was just incredible. I think “Secondhand Heart” was next, which prompted some of the more inebriated members of the audience to get up and start dancing. Right in front of us, but hey, we could still see, and they were showing Will way more love than the Ithaca crowd did. They decided to keep everyone up and moving with “Sex, Lies and Money” before slowing down to “I’m Sorry Now”. He pretty much had the crowd in his hands by this point, and the band finished strong with “The Highway’s Home”, “Midnight Parade”, and if I’m not mistaken, the closer was “July Moon”. There was a very enthusiastic response from most everyone in attendance, which was great to see. After the stage was torn down, Will and guitar player Adam Fluhrer came back to the merch booth and we chatted with them for a minute or two, thanking them for coming back to Buffalo, and Tiff mentioned to Will that she saw him in this venue roughly four years ago, acoustic with Edwin McCain, to which Will exclaimed “Ya know, I had totally forgotten about that until we walked in today, and I was like ‘I’ve played here before!!'” So they mutually got a kick out of that story, and we said goodbye and thanks again before bouncing back to Rochester. A much better crowd experience this time around!!

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