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03/26/2002 David Usher (Buffalo, NY at The Tralf)

By Eric | March 26, 2002 11:59 pm

Mary and I got to the venue about 7:30, and Joe and Paula were already there, right at the front. There wasn’t a whole lot of people there, so sight was not going to be a problem. At 8:00. a lady came out and made a couple announcements, it turns out the opening act couldn’t make it in from Ottawa due to the weather (Must have been way worse up there, because it was just rainy here). So we had to wait around another hour till David Usher started at 9. Finally the show starts, and David comes out with 2 more members of Moist, Jeff Pierce on bass, and Kevin Young on keyboards. There were two guitarists (one female), and a different drummer. They opened with A Day In The Life, but closed out the song with a bit of the end of Sweet Child O’ Mine! The order gets a little messed up after this, but he played Butterfly, Baby Skin Tattoo (his, not Moist’s), Blinded, My Way Out, Jesus Was My Girl, Black Black Heart (v2.0), Too Close To The Sun, Tangerine, Forestfire, Ressurection, and closed the main set with Alone In The Universe. They came back out for the first encore and played Breathe, then a ridiculous hybrid cover, introduced by David as “Now the question is, who wants to hear us play Ozzy?” So they start playing Crazy Train, but start singing Pink’s “I’m Coming Up” over it!! Very very amusing! They hid in the back after that, and then came out one final time, playing St. Lawrence River semi-acoustically. The show was excellent, he sounded great, the band sounded great, and we were close (no barrier, gotta love the Tralf!), so this belated birthday present from Mary was a very nice present indeed!
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