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this is not (the price I want to pay)

By Eric | July 10, 2002 9:53 am

Well, the rest of Tuesday was fairly easy going… After dinner I finally got my financial aid crap out the door, so that’ll be getting all squared away, and I checked my bank account to find that I had gotten paid! Yay for direct deposit! So the Discover Card promptly got paid off as well, now I only have the Mastercard left (when it comes) and I’ll be all squared away. I ended up just going out by myself, I headed out Cheektavegas way, to the Media Play on Walden. My months and months of patience finally paid off, as lo and behold, the clearance rack held the object of my desires (at the moment): The Static-X “This Is Not” shirt for 75% off! $4.50!!! Yay I so happy! Fishing my way around the entire rack, what do I happen upon, but a Slipknot long-sleeve shirt for not just 75% off the original price, nooooo… ONE DOLLAR AND EIGHTY-EIGHT CENTS. $1.88 for a long sleeve regularly $20 shirt! Suffice to say I was pretty hella excited by this… 🙂 Requisite trip to the mall, didnt see anything of interest, so last logical destination, Target. Picked up Korn’s Untouchables, as I don’t think I’m gonna find it any lower than $11.88. Turns out Trice was working at the service desk, so I chatted with her for a little bit. Got home, and wasn’t 2 minutes home when Carolyn calls, her and Sara inquring about a Denny’s trip. Suuuuure why not… 🙂 Came back, watched the news with the parents, and after some computer fun, bedtime. zzzzzzz.
The bargain hunter struck again. I guess if there’s anything that I’m glad my parents taught me, its that money doesnt grow on trees and to shop around for a good deal. While this doesn’t mean nitpick or haggle over pennies, holding out for awhile to get a better deal usually works… hehe, especially on extremely non-essential items such as rock t-shirts 🙂 I’ve had my eye on that Static-X shirt for literally 9 months… and it languished at 25% clearance for most of that time, at each of the Media Play’s I’d visit. I always made it a point to check the clearance racks for that kind of thing, and once again, my dilligence has paid off 🙂 So the closet expands again, but at a fraction of the cost it could have been! 🙂 So to make a long story short… I’m a cheapskate 🙂

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One Response to “this is not (the price I want to pay)”

  1. Eric Says:
    June 24th, 2003 at 4:30 pm

    Adrienne 07-10-2002 12:50

    hehe love finding things like that!! :O)

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