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02/04/2002 Sevendust, Gravity Kills, Flaw, Stemm (Buffalo, NY @ The Sideshow)

By Eric | February 4, 2002 11:59 pm

I arrived a bit early, about 5:15, and the doors opened at 6:30. Luckily there was literally no one there yet, so I got to sit in the car most of the time and stay warm. I wandered around the back and met Clint from Sevendust for two seconds. Went back and actually got to wait inside the “lobby” of the Funhouse instead of waiting outside. The doors opened at 6:30, and we milled about in the Funhouse for a half hour until Stemm was about to start, when they opened the doors to the Sideshow right away. Everyone piled in, and (as usual!!) I got a barrier spot.

We only had to wait a half hour until Flaw came on, and they opened it up right and rocked the place! It was nice actually knowing the songs this time around; that always makes for a better time. They played Reliance, Whole, Scheme, Amendment, Only The Strong, Get Up Again, and Payback. The crowd seemed sufficently into it, and there were a number of people in the front that knew the songs.

Gravity Kills was up next, and they came out and whipped the crowd up pretty good as well. Jeff, the lead singer, commented after Guilty that he was glad everyone remembered who they were, because their new album is the first since 1998’s Perversion. The keyboard player had this steel engineering marvel for a keyboard stand, with a universal joint and a couple heavy duty springs that let the keyboard go all over the place and amazingly not get busted up. RIT would be proud! I managed to snag a setlist, so I can remember exactly what they played: Love Sex and Money, Down, Guilty, Take It All Away, Never, Falling, Blame, One Thing, Alive, and Enough. A healthy mix of songs from the previous two albums and the new one.

Then it was time for Sevendust. Let me start out by saying I have never seen a band have so much fun up on stage, interacting with each other and the fans. Just incredible! Opening with Black, then into Denial, Redefine, Too Close to Hate (Walk insert), Trust, Rumblefish, Angel’s Son (at which point Lajon gave a little speech about Lynn Strait and 9/11), Tits On A Boar, Shine, and Crucified ended the main set. Then they came back for Praise, Waffle and closed it off with Bitch. The amount of crowd interaction was amazing, every member made eye contact with tons of fans, and they must go through a million picks a night because they’re always handing them out. I was in front of Vinnie for most of the night, and I had a direct line of sight to Morgan behind his kit too. Right before the end of Crucified, I caught one of Morgan’s drumsticks! Then, at the end of the show, Clint was giving people high-fives and whatnot, and he handed me one of his picks! After the show, I wandered around a little bit, and got autographs from Chris and Lance from Flaw, Jeff and Brad from Gravity Kills, and Clint from Sevendust. It was an amazing show, and ranks up there with the best that I’ve been to!

Setlist from Gravity Kills @ The Sideshow, Buffalo, 02/04/2002

Autographed drumstick from Sevendust @ The Sideshow, Buffalo, 02/04/2002

Pick from Sevendust @ The Sideshow, Buffalo, 02/04/2002

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