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03/24/2002 Injected, Greenwheel, Velour (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | March 24, 2002 11:59 pm

This was a free show, most likely put on by Island Records (both Injected and Greenwheel are on Island), that was advertised on the radio and on the WBER website. I actually first saw it in the Rochester City magazine show listings. Anyway, I went with Dan, Jason and Michael, and we got there about 7:15 or so, the show didn’t start till 8. At least we got to listen to Badmotorfinger while we waited. So Velour starts up at 8, and they sucked just like they’ve sucked every other time I’ve seen them. Nothing new there. Greenwheel was up next, and I was quite impressed with this band. A typical straight up rock band, very reminicent of the new Live album, Fuel-ish, Nickelback-ish, Creed-ish, almost sounds like Rob Thomas. I liked them a lot, and even though on stage the singer looked like a cross between Brett Scallions and Brandon Boyd, the stage prescence and energ was definately there. After a short wait, Injected came out, and the first couple songs, including the single, “Faithless”, sound exactly like Splender to me, but then about halfway through the set, it turned to crappy radio rock, as im American Hi-Fi kidna stuff. They did some covers in the middle of the set, some Ramones song, Motley Crue’s Live Wire, and something else I didn’t know. When the dust settled, Greenwheel was definately the more talented of the two bands. But for free, what do ya want?

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