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02/05/2008 Eric Hutchinson, Jared Campbell (Rochester, NY @ High Fidelity)

By Eric | February 5, 2008 11:59 pm

Thanks to Matt alerting us to this show two days before it happened, how I was asleep at the wheel I’ll never know! Anyway, Tiff and I headed down to what used to be Milestones to check out two singer-songwriters that’d we seen before at different times. The opener, Jared Campbell, we saw back in 2003 in Harrisburg opening for Sister Hazel, and at that point he did a lot of covers and jokey kinda-stuff. Not so much anymore! He’s definitely come into his own as a songwriter and a performer, and his original music is quite good. As he played this show acoustically, by himself, the songs are in the pop/indie/light rock vein, but he’s got some groove to go with it. He certainly had the small but faithful crowd (probably 75-100 people) with him by the end of the set. After his 45 minutes were up, it was time for Hutch! He invited everyone to get closer to the stage, and opened by himself on keyboards with “You’ve Got You”. After this, he introduced his drummer and bass player, and continued on with “Food Chain”. After this, I don’t remember the order, but they played everything off of “Sounds Like This”, plus “Breakdown More”, and a mashup cover of “My Girl” spliced with R. Kelly’s “Ignition”, and then he encouraged all of us to try and decipher the words to UB40’s “Red Red Wine”. The “encore” consisted of “Rock and Roll” and “OK, It’s Alright With Me”. Eric was interacting with the crowd in his deadpan way all night, alternating between the keyboard and his acoustic guitar, sometimes with the band, sometimes without. The highlight of his set was a rollicking take on “You Don’t Have To Believe Me”, which the crowd ate up. There were certainly more than a couple of Hutchheads in the audience, which made for an even better evening.

After the show, we picked up the three Jared Campbell CD’s, and had him sign them for us. We mentioned that we saw him open for Sister Hazel back in ’03, and after being surprised we were at that show, he relayed a story about how he was really excited to meet and be opening for Hazel, and how he received some encouraging words from lead singer Ken Block. We also caught up with Hutch, thanked him for coming to Rochester, and said we wanted to see him up here again. We had a great time at the show and look forward to seeing these guys again.

Eric Hutchinson – Rock and Roll

Eric Hutchinson – Back To Where I Was

Eric Hutchinson – Outside Villanova

Eric Hutchinson – Breakdown More (clip)

Eric Hutchinson – Oh! (clip)

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