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03/04/2013 Deftones, The Contortionist (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | March 5, 2013 12:00 pm

The gaps between seeing the Deftones for me unfortunately are of the long variety. Saw them twice in 1998 (the second of which was in this venue!), twice in 2000, then not until 2007, and now five and half years after that I finally got to see them again. Every show had been worth the wait though, and this one was no exception.

I didn’t know much about The Contortionist before seeing them, but their brand of technical death metal sounded pretty cool, despite them not being the most physically active band I’ve ever seen. Rather, a bunch of dudes just standing and playing their instruments. But they damn sure knew how to play them! A fairly heavy opener, yet not a ton of crowd movement. I’m thinking most people were saving up their energy, and for good reason.

The place got loud as the guys made their way to the stage, then opening with Be Quiet and Drive set it off. I was right in the middle of things, probably about 7 people deep most of the night. Talk about energy, both the band and the crowd had it in spades.

They definitely do not forget the old school fans, as the whole first part of the show was My Own Summer tunes, and the end was all Adrenaline! They turned the tempo up and down in the right spots also, giving us relative breathers like Digital Bath and Rosemary between all the aggressive songs. Overall, the setlist had a great mix, and the construction of it was interesting, as they’d go on runs of 2-3-4 songs from an album in one chunk. The first four from My Own Summer, they sandwiched Minerva in there, then three from Diamond Eyes, two from White Pony, four from Koi No Yokan, Change (in the House of Flies) gets sandwiched, and the last four from Adrenaline. Nothing from Saturday Night Wrist, oddly enough, only the one from self-titled, and I didn’t even notice until it came time to write this review. It’s hard to pick any highlights because the entire show was great, The crowd was by and large really good too, people picking each other up, no real idiots near me, most of the crowdsurfers weren’t kicking people, etc. At a couple points there were some big piles of bodies, though nothing approaching the domino effect like the last time I saw the band at this place. It’s difficult to say much more than awesome band, awesome show, awesome setlist, and great crowd.

My Own Summer

Rocket Skates

You’ve Seen The Butcher

Deftones setlist
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
You’ve Seen the Butcher
Digital Bath
Swerve City
Change (In the House of Flies)
Engine No. 9
7 Words

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