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02/09/2013 Daughtry, 3 Doors Down (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | February 10, 2013 12:00 pm

This was one of those shows that I can just go to and have a good time, without having to dissect every little part of it, bemoaning what did and didn’t get played, etc. It’s a “grab a beer, find a decent spot, sing along and enjoy it” show. I grabbed a nice position behind the soundboard, could see and hear everything, and wasn’t bothered crowd-wise in the least. Ended up next to an older couple that really knew their stuff song-wise and had some intelligent concert conversation to boot. First up was 3 Doors Down, and considering they’re touring behind a greatest hits album, that’s exactly what we got. As this was my 9th time seeing them, I was glad to see they managed to sprinkle in the handful of new tunes on that greatest hits album (Goodbye, There’s a Life, One Light), and even threw in a truncated cover of Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction, in addition to the usual suspects. During Citizen/Soldier they rolled out a 2nd drum kit and had a pretty good drum solo (ala Godsmack’s “Batalla de los Tambores”) with Greg Upchurch and Brad Arnold. They sounded as good as they always do, Brad’s voice sounded fine, and they got Chris Daughtry to come out and do Kryptonite with them for some added spice. A typical, solid, 3 Doors show.

One Light

Drum Solo

Kryptonite (w/ Chris Daughtry)

3DD setlist
Time of My Life
It’s Not My Time
Duck and Run
The Road I’m On
Away From the Sun
Let Me Go
There’s a Life
Landing in London
One Light
Here Without You
Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth cover)
The Better Life

When I’m Gone

A quick set change later, and time for Daughtry. I had last seen him two and a half years prior at the Blue Cross Arena, and came away impressed, so I had pretty high expectations this time around also. Chris and the band met them, as they sounded great, he sounded great, and an enthusiastic crowd (moreso than that BCA show) made for a fun set. Break The Spell was the opener, and they rock and rolled through a nice spread of songs over all three albums. One of the things I think I enjoy about Daughtry is that for all the lighter ballad-y stuff he does, he and the band can actually rock too (See Outta My Head, What I Want, Renegade). For this show especially, a major highlight was seeing Rochester’s own Elvio Fernandez (he of East End Fest veterans Uncle Plum) perform for the hometown crowd as Daughtry’s touring keyboard/guitar player. There was a large contingent screaming for him all night, and none louder than when he came to the front of the stage to play and sing Gone Too Soon.

After the song Chris even remarked on how much of a reaction Elvio got. Good stuff. They did the requisite cover of In The Air Tonight, and this was Brad Arnold’s chance to return the guest-singer favor.

They closed up with an encore of September and sent everyone home with It’s Not Over (except it was). Another very solid show by Daughtry and his boys. I had a great time, it seems like the rest of the crowd did too (and there were a lot of people at this show, if it didn’t sell out it was very close). As I said in the review for the other Daughtry show, “Yay pop-rock at its finest!”

Outta My Head

Daughtry setlist
Break the Spell
Feels Like Tonight
Outta My Head
Crawling Back to You
What I Want
Gone Too Soon
Tennessee Line
Over You
No Surprise
In the Air Tonight (with Brad Arnold)
Every Time You Turn Around

It’s Not Over

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  1. Matt Banker Says:
    March 27th, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    it’s not over, but it was

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