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04/18/2018 Papa Roach, Nothing More, Escape The Fate (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | April 19, 2018 3:32 pm

I had been looking forward to this one for a little bit, as I had missed a couple of opportunities to see Nothing More in the past few years, and I really like the new Papa Roach album as well. I hadn’t seen either band since early 2015 (PRoach with Godsmack, Nothing More (barely) with Periphery), so I was due. Escape The Fate was the first band on, and they were just as inoffensive and bland this time as they were when I saw them on Uproar in 2011. They weren’t bad, they weren’t good, they were just there.

I met up with Danielle, Dave, and Dave’s friend Kristina, and then Adam wasn’t too far behind them. We all nudged up a bit as Nothing More was about to come on, and then Adam, Danielle and I meandered up a little further. I was super excited to finally see them play a full set, and they didn’t disappoint. They played all of the hits off the new album, including Fade In / Fade Out which I love, the standards off the self-titled, and they’re still playing Salem! We also got a Skrillex cover with Johnny Hawkins playing the “scorpion”. They sounded great, the crowd response was really good, and again, I was just happy to see a full set!

Nothing More setlist
Christ Copyright
Do You Really Want It?
Don’t Stop
Go to War
This Is The Time (Ballast)
First of the Year (Equinox) [Skrillex Cover]
Salem (Burn the Witch)

2018-04-18 Papa Roach / Nothing More @ Main Street Armory

We moved on back for the beginning of Papa Roach, and they too sounded great. I really liked the setlist this time out, probably because I really like the new album. Eight songs (our of 19) off of Crooked Teeth, including starting with the title track. Following that with To Be Loved, Face Everything and Rise, and Still Swingin’ made for a nice opening run. About two-thirds of the way through the set, Jacoby said he noticed a few little mosh pits here and there, but for the next song he wanted one big one. I had kinda been getting antsy anyway, so I looked at Adam and asked, “Should we come out of mosh retirement?”. We gave each other the “sure, why not?” look, and headed in! The band started up Traumatic, and away we went. Everybody up front was really cool, and I stayed up there for the rest of the set. Somehow during the ensuing chaos Danielle made it all the way to the barrier! It was fun being up there especially because we got a cover of Song 2, Between Angels and Insects, and then the encore was None of the Above followed by Last Resort (that song is old enough to vote!). They also stuck part of Linkin Park’s “In The End” into “Forever” which was nice. Overall, this old man had a great time up front – A+++ Would Mosh Again!

Papa Roach setlist
Crooked Teeth
…To Be Loved
Face Everything and Rise
Still Swingin’
American Dreams
Kick in the Teeth
My Medication
Broken Home
Song 2 [Blur Cover]
Between Angels and Insects
Forever [with snippet of ‘In The End’ by Linkin Park as tribute to the late Chester Bennington]
Falling Apart
Born for Greatness

None of the Above
Last Resort [with “Infest” intro/first verse]

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