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04/15/2001 Godsmack, Staind, Cold, Systematic (Rochester, NY at Blue Cross Arena)

By Eric | April 15, 2001 11:59 pm

This was the last show of this tour. We got there way too early, hung out by the buses, and met Mike and Johnny from Staind first. Mike looked like he was in a hurry, so we really didnt get to talk to him much. Johnny was really great and chatted for a little bit, we got autographs and pics with him. He was telling us how he was on his was to take pictures of the Genesee River, and how he’s dabbling in amateur photography.

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Then we met everyone from Cold again, still amazingly nice guys! We jumped in line and began the big wait. Systematic sounded much better this time around, I was much more impressed this time than in Utica. Cold came out and played an awesome set, opened with Give again, Scooter was running all over the place this time! Aaron came out and did his screaming bit on Send In The Clowns, and promptly walked right off stage again… it was kinda funny! Cold finished up their set with Just Got Wicked, Scooter let the crowd scream at various intervals. Then it was time for Staind. They opened with Mudshovel once again, and the crowd got really rough about this time. Halfway through the set we got pulled out of the pit and hit the seats. We found Karl and Dave just as Suffocate ended, and had a great view for Outside. This version was every bit as good as Utica’s, and the whole place singing was just incredible. Next was Its Been Awhile, which now that everyone knows it, was just as moving as Outside was. Aaron then proceeded to mention that Break The Cycle would be out May 22, and said that “…these last two songs we’re gonna play, are NOT on that record!” as they ripped into Raw. The closed with Spleen, at which point these guys dressed up in rediculous costumes came out armed with silly string and ambushed Staind on stage! Right after the song was done, Aaron got a hold of one of them, ripped off the mask, and revealed Sully from Godsmack! (And they woulda got away with it if it werent for those snooping kids!). Godsmack came out and opened with Sick of Life, and ran through stuff from both albums. Sully claimed responsibility for the Staind ambush, and told everyone in the seats that they were lazy for not being on the floor. He whipped pretty much the entire floor into a frenzy during Time Bomb, and I’m certainly glad I wasnt down there for it! They closed the main set with Keep Away, then started the encore with Voodoo. Some random guy made it up on stage to sing with Sully, leading him to exclaim “I have no f*cking idea who this guy is, but he’s pretty cool!” as the guy got led away by security. They closed with Whatever, the entire floor was a pit once again. In all, it was pretty awesome show, better in some respects than Utica, worse in others, mainly due to the fact that there was way more people at this show than at Utica. But still a great concert!

Get Up Get Out

Time Bomb


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