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05/08/2014 Buckcherry, Fozzy, Adelita’s Way (Rochester, NY @ The Arena at the Main Street Armory)

By Eric | May 16, 2014 3:25 pm

It was at the “Arena” at the Armory… in the basement! (THERE IS NO BASEMENT AT THE ARMORY!) Long and narrow, reminiscent of the old Icon in Buffalo. Dark and grungy. The perfect place for Buckcherry. Due to my usual being on “Nate Time”, I only got to see 2 Adelita’s Way songs (Sick, Invincible) but they sounded pretty good.

Met up with Scott and Mark, and we hung in the back for Fozzy, but not before I snapped a pic of lead singer (and Best In The World At What He Does) Chris Jericho with his ubiqutious light-up jacket!
2014-05-08 20.54.05 fozzy
Musically, I wanted to like them more than I actually did. They’re just a touch too-classic metal for me, and Jericho’s singing voice isn’t my favorite. They’re not bad by any means, just not my cup of tea.

Buckcherry came out to a decidedly small, but enthusiastic crowd and started immediately with Lit Up, much to the delight of just about everyone. They sounded great, lots of energy all night. They played a good mix of songs, including all the favorites / radio hits, and a lot of stuff that I didn’t hear when I saw them at Genesee Brewery in 2011. The smallish crowd didn’t seem to phase them in the least, as it was just as good of a show as it would have been upstairs with a full barn. Good times!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the spectacle that was almost equal to Buckcherry’s set, and unfortunately even closer to us than the band was, despite the small venue: The sweaty fat couple that were all over each other for the entire show. Drunk and sloppy is no way to go through a concert, but damned if they didn’t try. They kept it up for the better part of three-quarters of the set before a security guard finally dragged the dude away. (The woman stuck around for some inexplicable reason.) I’ve seen people try to make out in the crowd at a show before, but this was unprecedented. Put the CD on, drink for cheaper, and stay home folks.

Buckcherry Setlist:
Lit Up
Imminent Bail Out
All Night Long
Porno Star
Dreamin’ of You
Crazy Bitch

I Love It (“Say F*ck It”) (Icona Pop cover)
Too Drunk…



Crazy Bitch (clip)

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