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07/24/2018 Godsmack, Shinedown, Like A Storm (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric Bonus | July 25, 2018 10:48 am

I had initially gotten $10 lawn tickets for both this show and the Breaking Benjamin/FFDP show later in August at the same time, just as a “if I can get in the door for $10, why not” sort of idea. Both Shinedown and Godsmack had new albums out, and I’d seen them both on their respective last album cycles. As it turned out, despite being a Tuesday night, I was able to go without much heartache on the homefront. The weather was not as willing to cooperate however, as the forecast called for rain during most of the show. Thankfully, for most shows at Darien Lake, Live Nation offers seat upgrades for a somewhat reduced price. Given that this was a Tuesday night, the crowd was kinda sparse, so I wasn’t going to have any issue getting under the tent! I got in line and started chatting with the woman in front of me, who apologized for taking awhile because she was uprgrading 4 tickets for her whole family. I’m like, no worries, its all good, yadda yadda. I get my ticket upgrade to the 300 section for less overall (meaning upgrade + my original $10 lawn ticket) than that seat would have cost me to buy from the get-go! So I get to the seat, and who rolls in a minute later? The woman from in line with her husband and two tween kids. I mention this because while I always make concert buddies, these people were some of the nicest folks I’ve ever randomly sat next to at a show. Like, EVER. They had come in from Utica for the day, and were camping overnight at the campground at the park. Pretty sure it was the kids’ first concert, and they were all HYPED for Shinedown. I think she said it was their (the adults) first time seeing Shinedown (and Godsmack for that matter) too, so of course I’m telling them how great they always sound, if Brent has a good day he sings his ass off, etc. etc.

Like A Storm starts, and part of me finds it funny that they keep getting opening spots on tours like these, and the other part of me realizes that it’s probably because they have enough of a following, have enough songs that get spun on Octane, do their job as hype men for the other bands, and are probably super professional as tourmates. They got their five songs, closed with Love The Way You Hate Me, and sounded good doing it. Perfect openers.

So Shinedown is up next, and of course the family next to me goes bonkers. I’ll hand it to the band, they came out of the gate hard, with Sound of Madness, Diamond Eyes, and Cut The Cord. Great opening run. Brent was sounding really good, the rest of the band always does, and everyone was into it. The mom had told me that “Get Up” off the new album was their favorite, and that was the first new song they played. Seeing how happy this family was that they got to hear their song was priceless – I hope I look like I’m having that much fun when my stuff gets played! After a couple more songs, Brent and Zach trekked out to a little stage at the edge of the lawn to do Simple Man acoustically. A very nice treat for everyone out in the back starting to get rained on. They closed it out with Devil to cap off a great set.

We’re in set change, and then the dad comes back with a beer for me, and I’m like, uhhh… and the mom says “that’s for putting up with us!” I’m like, this is a show, you guys were rocking out, that’s what supposed to happen!!! Couldn’t believe it. No good deed goes unpunished, however, so I bought them one each as well, Put me in the hole by a beer, but I told them it was beyond worth it to have such awesome concert “citizens” next to me! Mutual admiration society meeting going on, but whatever, it was great.

Time for Godsmack. Opened with new stuff, the new title track When Legends Rise into 1000hp, before going all the way back with Keep Away, and then into the rest of the set, They’re *still* doing the drum battle. My family headed out halfway through the set, and I was sorry to see them go as I never got any contact info from them! Ah well, perhaps I’ll run into them again at a show someday. As for the balance of the Godsmack show, it was pretty standard issue. The pyro was good, band sounded fine, Sully sounded fine. I Stand Alone was the closer, and I had been slinking out towards the door through the entirety of the song and successfully beat most of the traffic (out the front gate I might add!).

Best revelation of the night? They built a Tim Hortons on the corner of Rts 5 and 77! And on this night, I got my coffee for free because the girl said I had waited too long. I hadn’t, but whatever, go figure!

Like A Storm
Pure Evil
Become The Enemy
Wish You Hell
The Devil Inside
Love The Way You Hate Me

Sound of Madness
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Cut the Cord
I’ll Follow You
Get Up
Black Soul
State of My Head
Second Chance
Simple Man (acoustic with Zach and Brent on the lawn)

Sound of Madness

Get Up

Simple Man

When Legends Rise
Keep Away
Cryin’ Like a Bitch
Straight Out of Line
Batalla de los tambores
I Stand Alone


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