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07/21/2018 Adelita’s Way, Dead Girls Academy, Zero Theorem, Small Town Titans (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric Bonus | July 23, 2018 11:17 am

This was my typical “eh, if the kids bedtime goes smoothly I’ll go check it out” type of show. It did, so I did. I’d seen Adelita’s Way as openers twice, once with Fozzy and Buckcherry, and then with Theory of a Deadman. I like them well enough, its standard Octane-type fare, and they put on a good show those last two times.

The openers were a mixed bag. Small Town Titans were okay, pretty standard rock. I didn’t see a whole lot of the set. Zero Theorem, on the other hand, were great. Fairly polished, the band had the same electronic-tinged sound like a Gemini Syndrome, and the lead singer, both in sound and look, reminded me of the singer from Atomship. So much so that I talked to him at the merch booth after the set to mention it, and naturally, he’d never heard of Atomship. I bought the EP they were selling, and it’s pretty damn good.

With the yin comes the yang – Dead Girls Academy was one of those bands that are “goth” and “spooky” with a generic Warped Tour look and sound. The band sounded okay, the lead singer was fine (scene tats everywhere), but the songs were less than interesting. Eh, can’t win em all.

Adelita’s came out and played a very solid set. The place wasn’t full by any means, but the fans that were there were quite enthusiastic, singing along with everything and rocking out. The band sounded good, lead singer Rick DeJesus was on point, and the setlist selection was pretty varied, including a three song acoustic jaunt in the middle. They saved the best for last, as the final four songs were Criticize, Notorious, Sick, and Invincible, which capped off a fairly entertaining night of rock.

Adelitas Way setlist
Bad Reputation
Ready For War (Pray For Peace)
Still Hungry
Somebody Wishes They Were You (acoustic)
Last Stand (acoustic)
Tell Me (acoustic)
Good Die Young



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