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12/13/2001 Nickelback, Saliva, Default (Syracuse, NY at the OnCenter)

By Eric | December 13, 2001 11:59 pm

Got out of class and skipped lab (made it up the next morning) at about 6:45. Got to Syracuse a little after 8, to find that I’d missed Adema. Ah well. Got right to my seat (I still HATE seats on the floor) as Default was starting. They weren’t too bad, on the same order of a Creed or Nickelback, got the crowd sufficently into it. On their last song, Nickelback’s lead singer Chad Kroeger came out to sing with them. Saliva was up next, played almost the same set as the last two times, except they played Hollywood this time. They were too loud, everything was overdriven, including Josie’s mike, so while it was fun to watch, it was excruciating to listen to this time around. Then came time for Nickelback. They opened up with Woke Up This Morning, then followed up with One Last Run and Breathe. Too Bad was next, and during Where Do I Hide, in the middle of the song, Chad came out with a video camera and ran through the entire crowd, twas rather amusing. He got back on stage, finished the song, and kicked into Hangnail, Never Again, and Old Enough. They closed the main set with Leader of Men, then started the encore by having just Chad and Ryan playing an acoustic version of Big Wreck’s “Mistake”. The whole band came back for a cover of Bruce Springsteen / Rage Against The Machine’s The Ghost of Tom Joad. Then was time for the only song that everyone in the place knew, How You Remind Me. I wandered up to the barrier after the show and scored a setlist! The band sounded excellent, the show was awesome, and it was totally worth the drive!


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