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12/14/2012 Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Acaro (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | December 14, 2012 11:14 pm

KsE playing “Alive or Just Breathing” front to back? WITH Jesse Leach back in the band? And Shadows Fall opening? YES PLEASE.

Acaro was pretty cool, they got the crowd hyped enough, even though they lost the PA during their set. They also completed the Massachusetts band trifecta.

Shadows Fall never disappoints… a quick 8-song romp with a couple tunes from Art of Balance, War Within, and the new Fire From The Sky. I got right down front, and when lead singer Brian Fair decided to stage dive, guess who got landed on? This guy! Good thing Brian is light!

Shads setlist:
The Light That Blinds
The Idiot Box
Weight of the World
King of Nothing
Still I Rise
Destroyer of Senses
Divide and Conquer

The Light That Blinds

Destroyer of Senses

Then, the show a lot of us in the crowd had been waiting ten years for: Killswitch Engage, back with Jesse! They come out to a raucous ovation and rip into… A Bid Farewell? Swerve! And then Rose of Sharyn after that?

Ok I think I can get behind this. Interesting role reversal, as KsE re-recorded “Fixation on the Darkness” with Howard Jones, so it was coming full circle to hear Jesse do the End of Heartache tunes. It was also cool to have them open with these tunes, as most times when one gets the “full album front to back” treatment, the extra songs come at the end.

So now it was AOJB time, and of course, as the band hits the opening notes of Numbered Days, the entire crowd chanted in unison, “THE TIME APPROACHES!” and we were off and running. I know I hadn’t heard a lot of these songs live, obviously never with Jesse, and I wonder if this tour was the first time some of them were being played at all. Needless to say, there was no shortage of energy in the crowd, certainly no lack on stage, as the KsE boys looked like they were having a blast up there, and holy crap is Jesse Leach a dynamic front man. Running and jumping all over the place, singing, screaming; he was on point the entire night.

Fixation / Serenade / Life to Lifeless

KsE never really skipped a beat when Jesse first left and Howard joined the band, and Howard was a hell of a performer in his own right. However, it seems like there’s a whole new energy in the band now that Jesse is back, and it reflected in the performance to be sure. I suppose it was refreshing to revisit some of these songs that probably hadn’t been played since the album was released a decade ago. At the conclusion of the album, we were treated to two more “greatest hits”, with the encore starting with My Curse, and closing out an immensely enjoyable evening with “The End of Heartache”.

I seriously doubt anyone went home disappointed, I know I sure didn’t! Got to say a quick hello to Brian from Shadows Fall on the way out, and had quite the smile plastered on my face the entire way home!

KsE Setlist:
A Bid Farewell
Rose of Sharyn

Numbered Days
Self Revolution
Fixation on the Darkness
My Last Serenade
Life to Lifeless
Just Barely Breathing
To the Sons of Man
Temple From the Within
Vide Infra
The Element of One
Without a Name
Rise Inside

My Curse
The End of Heartache

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