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Cold’s price is right

By Eric | November 24, 2001 12:57 am

Friday, friday, friday…. started out by waking up and getting the errands out of the way, get the money situation settled, paid bills, etc. So with that out of the way, time to hit the streets. Bank, gas, Frisb’s, Tar-ghetto on Elmwood for a camera (beat all the lines too!), and swung by showplace… nothing going on yet, Cold’s bus was there, but that was about it. Hit AMVETS, 50% off everything! Found two books, and then hit the motherload…. A PRICE IS RIGHT BOARD GAME!!! I have no idea if all the pieces are there, but it looked pretty complete! Salvation Army was next, found a really nice Dolphins / Marino jacket pullover thingy for Mary… Had lotsa time to kill, so I headed in the direction of the Boulevard Mall, which was jammed. Toured the mall and all the people shopping, ate lunch, and headed back to Showplace, there were a couple kids there by then, then Joe and Nick showed up, and then Mary. Mini show review… Flaw was actually decent, Dope was suprisingly better than Rochester (they were on the tour after all, musta told Edsel to tone it down), and Cold was okay. The rochester outing was better, even though they played Outerspace and Bizarre this time… took out the rest of the songs from the first album save for Give, and the set was too short. Mini-ruckus at the end of the show with the kids next to us, the fans that “like any band that has guitars in it”. Regardless, the show was okay, and now I’m home and tired. Gotta work on the car tomorrow, I have lights out :(…
Just remember, no matter how hard you try, you can’t look cool playing on a decorated Rubbermaid totebox!
Current Mood: Tired, but feeling okay
Song: Pearl Jam – Footsteps
Shirt: Cold!

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