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03/02/2018 Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Havok (Rochester, NY @ Dome Arena)

By Eric | March 3, 2018 10:15 am

This was a fun bill – It had been a long six years since I’d see Killswitch (the AOJB anniversary tour when Jesse had just rejoined), and I’d never seen Anthrax. The closest I’d come was seeing Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano (who was in Anthrax at the time) with The Damned Things. I’d seen Havok a couple months earlier at the German House with Crowbar and Overkill; they got a little bit longer set this time out and were just as good. Straight ahead metal. I’m still not super familiar with many of the songs, but the set was enjoyable. I was hanging in the back with Scott, and then my concert buddy Derek joined us also.

Fatal Intervention
Hang ‘Em High
Out of My Way
Claiming Certainty
From the Cradle to the Grave
Intention to Deceive

I wandered down right into the thick of things for KsE, and I was excited – I hadn’t seen anything off of either of the two new albums with Jesse, so hearing those songs was really cool. They mixed up the setlist pretty well among the new and the old, with (to me, anyway) one interesting curveball – “Reckoning” off of the 2009 self-titled. They’re still playing “This Fire”, which I absolutely love, and they’re still closing with “Holy Diver”. For this tour they had Joey Belladonna come out to sing it with them, which was fantastic because he can hit those Dio notes! It was a great capper to a great set. Band sounded great, Jesse sounded good, the crowd was good, the mosh pit wasn’t too crazy – fun times.

Killswitch Engage
Rose of Sharyn
Strength of the Mind
Life to Lifeless
My Curse
This Fire
When Darkness Falls
Breathe Life
Hate by Design
Vide Infra
My Last Serenade
Embrace the Journey…Upraised
Beyond the Flames
The End of Heartache
In Due Time
Holy Diver (With Joey Belladonna)

Much like with Megadeth, I’d never seen Anthrax, but as part of the Big 4 I knew I had to. Having them play practically in my backyard was even better. I know most of the classic songs, and I’d spun the latest two albums a couple times as well, so I was familiar enough. Plus, for whatever reason, back in high school I had acquired a copy of State of Euphoria (I still have no idea how), so the fact that they played Be All, End All and Antisocial was nice for me! I retreated to the back for their set to just enjoy it, and they didn’t disappoint. They sounded fantastic, and I don’t think Joey Belladonna is human with some of the notes he hits. He’s incredible. I don’t know how the Anthrax lifers view it these days, but I thought they were dynamite for a band coming up on 40 years together!

Among the Living
Caught in a Mosh
Got the Time
Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
Breathing Lightning
I Am the Law
Be All, End All

2018-03-02 KsE/Anthrax @ Dome Arena

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