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Ever since I had a friend invite / convince me to go see Our Lady Peace with her in high school, I became hooked and going to concerts has become one of my absolute passions. Thankfully, I somehow had the foresight to keep all my ticket stubs (back when you actually got them!) and with the advent of blogging in the late 90’s-early 2000’s I started maintaining my concert list pretty early on. That list grew into the little blurbs about each show, and then into full on reviews, most of which are not super-critical. Of course, some of the new ones, and a lot of the old ones either have very brief reviews, if any at all (keeping up these days has been hard!), but this is at least a minimal record of every major show I’ve seen. Granted, this doesn’t include the countless number of local shows, bar bands, cover bands, live music at food festivals, etc.

Some fun quick stats (as of 9/9/2021):

409 shows over 24 years (that’s 1.4 per month!)
674 different artists at 109 different venues in 33 different cities, but only over 3 states/provinces! (NY, PA, and Ontario)

Top 5 Venues: Water Street (49 shows + 6 on the club side), Town Ballroom (27), Darien Lake (26), Montage Music Hall (25), Showplace Theater (18)
Top 5 Artists: Sevendust (20 times), Our Lady Peace (19), The Tea Party (18), Cold (13), Staind (12)

If you have anything to add, amend or (gasp) correct, let me know!

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